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WWE Encyclopedia Ad, Punk Knocks Rock’s Costume, Trademarks

– Below is a new commercial for the second WWE Encyclopedia that comes out in a few weeks:

– WWE has recently registered to trademark the terms Ring Things, 619, WWE Active, 3MB, CoBro and Tensai.

– WWE Champion CM Punk posted a photo of The Rock dressed as The Incredible Hulk for Halloween with this line:

“Can anyone shed light on why @TheRock was trying to intimidate me dressed as the Jolly Green Giant?”

  • barry horowitz

    *sigh Rock with another twitter feud…BORING!!

  • Zedd

    I would have liked it if Ziggler’s briefcase was for both brands so after Rock wins the belt he Cashes in on him and wins, that would get him massive heat.

  • Lex

    And here comes The Rock Trolls. Yea, let’s all complain about The Rock wrestling. Because we all love watching The Big Show!!! Rock ends punk title reign and drops the belt to cena. We know it is going to happen, but here’s the beauty. If you don’t like it? Then don’t watch it. BOOM, you have solved your problem

  • xXx

    ^sad but true, the punk-rock twitter wars have started, the road to rumble has started ohgodwhy

  • Man

    That giant will end your title reign at the Royal Rumble 🙂