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WWE Ends NXT: Redemption, Promo Videos for the Next NXT, William Regal Comments

– WWE wrapped up the NXT: Redemption season with Wednesday’s show. The new season of NXT, which was filmed at Full Sail University recently, will debut next week on WWE’s website. No word yet what WWE will tape next Tuesday night before SmackDown.

William Regal wrote the following on Twitter about the season ending:

“I’d like to thank everyone involved in NXT redemption.Its been a great learning experience for me.Thanks to Todd,Jack,Josh and Matt for putting up with my nonsense.To all the young superstars I hope you learned from it as well.For the ones I’ve verbally thrashed I hope you understand it was all to make you better yourself as the only way people from my generation got better was wrestling more experienced pro’s and you don’t have that luxury any more.Best wishes with the rest of your careers.”

WWE released the following videos for the new NXT:

  • Tyler(:

    His RING NAME is Michael McGillicutty, his REAL NAME is Joe Hennig. shut the fuck up about his ring name for god sake, Joe Hennig sounds bland as hell and would only draw heat due to the last name.

  • Dale

    You can take whatever approach to pro wrestling you want mate. But your comment was in reply to somebody who was addressing the real life fact that they changed Hennig’s name, and in your comment, you insulted them. You insulted somebody.

    It’s okay to share an opinion mate, but you attacked someone for theirs first.

  • JK Thunder

    I was speaking of that promo, Dale. If everybody wants to turn storyline and kayfabe into reality, I believe I was well within my right to do the same. Thanks for paying attention to my post though, I appreciate it.

  • Dale

    Actually JK Thunder, that was just a promo he did and something he said off camera to support it. Joe Hennig’s mothers name was Leonice Leonard before she got married. Not McGillicutty. It was a complete fabrication by WWE and anything said otherwise was to cement the gimmicked name. I don’t anticipate a response as you’re probably too embabrrassed, but you’re wrong on this one dude.

  • SYM

    Real Man’s Man Steven Regal!

  • JK Thunder

    Ok, let’s settle this “McGillicutty” thing. He was not given this name. Shortly after he debuted, he was interviewed and cleared this up. He chose it. His mother’s maiden name is McGillicuty. He wanted to establish his own identity. This is the problem with the IWF, you only have a memory of a couple months, if you’re lucky a year.

  • LoDeNavaJerez

    I’m just glad Richie Steamboat got to keep his name, unlike Joe Hennig who got dealt with a horrible name.

  • SYM

    The New NXT looks Dope as HELL! I hope it gets a Main title & becomes the 3rd Brand.

  • Stumpy

    Let’s hope it doesn’t follow the “traditional” NXT path and actually focuses more on wrestling and not the crap they’ve been shelling out for a few years now. It appears that it is basically FCW with the NXT tag.

  • Tyler(:

    This “new” NXT looks awesome, can’t wait.