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- The Connecticut Post reports that WWE fan Zavr Peygumbari, of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested last week after he called WWE headquarters over twenty times with threats to blow up the company’s office and harm staff members. Zavr was upset that WWE released former Women’s Champion Mickie James.

Zavr was arrested last Friday and arraigned yesterday at state Superior Court in Stamford, CT. Zavr’s next court date will be on May 25th. He was originally held over the weekend in Stamford on a $250,000 bond but released on a $5,000 bond Monday. His lawyer describes him as a “fervent wrestling fan” who did not intend to follow through on his threats. Court records show that New York City police know Zavr as being emotionally disturbed.

During his arraignment on Monday, the angry WWE fan apologized for the phone calls and called them foolish & childish. Zavr allegedly threatened to blow up WWE’s offices and said he would visit the building with a machete and a machine gun. The phone calls began on April 24th and continued through April 27th. Nineteen calls were made by Zavr on April 24th with a handful of calls made over the next few days. During one call, Zavr threatened to kill an un-named WWE employee and his family. The phone calls were traced back to a cell phone that Zavr had.

Zavr has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree threatening, one count of second-degree harassment and two counts of second-degree threatening.

The judge told Zavr on Monday that he could not contact WWE employees, go near it’s offices in Stamford or attend any events. Zavr’s actual response to this in front of the courtroom: “I’m not allowed to go to wrestling shows?”

  • killerbee

    Damn hes back .

  • Ray

    WOW are you kidding me? what a fucking loser?

  • King Of Kings 2.0


  • 5724673

    to sylvester or maybe zarv actually is lintin

  • Sylvester

    lintin is probably calling his house with bomb threats now lol

  • baddog_1_2k

    I love Mickie James too but dang dude get help…

  • JLOVE69

    Oh No! He is not allowed to pay an exhorbent amount of money(probably a months salary for this moron) to go to a WWE wrestling event!

    Look out TNA, I foresee a move to Orlando for this jabroni soon. If you hire Alexis Laree again, you better not fire her fat a$$. lol

    Personally, I think Mickey James looks fine. Goolge “Alexis Laree nude” if you wanna see the pics she did between being in TNA and WWE. Lets do more photo shoots Mickey/Alexis

  • Ladrao

    Weren’t there rumors that Mickie James was leaving WWE a few months back? I mean is it really a surprise she got let go?

  • me

    guy sounds like a dirty arab (his name) and hes threatening to blow things up? big suprise, like a hottie like mickie cares about a dirty arab like him? what an idiot.

  • scott

    I think this is a gimmick. Zavr will be the new guest host of RAW in two weeks time! Haha. This is a storyline that not even WWE would go anywhere near!

  • Burt

    Honestly, I’d be concerned if I were Mickie. Sounds like a stalker. Also, where’s the part about him being permantly placed in a mental hospital? Seriously, they’re going to let this psycho freely roam the streets? Yikes!

  • snkfeind

    effmenow lol it probably was

  • me

    Anyone heard from lintin?

  • brody

    Ye gods… but then, crazy people do crazy things…

  • EDGE-3000

    LOL…Thats funny. How old is this guy and I wonder what Mickie James thinks about this.

  • effmenow

    It was lintin!

    He hasnt commented on this yet which raises eyebrows…

  • King of Kings

    It was Lintin the wierdo who says TNA sucks. He’s mad because he couldn’t get “one on one” time with Cena.

  • rko

    I want to stalk Mickie under the sheets.

    If Cena got released, all the little kids and teenage girls would riot.

  • DrkMstrs

    Joe thats what i thought but then again he probably would kill if they let Cena go.

  • Hindred

    Wasn’t Mickie being stalked a few months back? Maybe it’s the same guy.

  • Mabry

    what a frikin wacko… wow, i just cant imagine what lintin would do if Cena got fired…..

  • rko

    That ought to tell you they released the wrong diva. She’ll be shocked when she hears about it.

  • venom

    Wow, now we know who blew up McMahon’s limo 3 years ago.

  • Joe

    Think maybe that dude was really the troll Linton that’s on here all the time? One can only hope.

  • Batesy

    I did a similar thing to TNA when they released Cody Deaner

  • AttitudeEra

    LMAO what a nut and how he responds was even more funny you threatened to kill WWE employees and then you expect them to allowed you to go to WWE events? lol of course not DUMMY! now thats what you call a real WWE mark lol… on lighter news o_o WWE RAW this monday was actually really good! the best raw ive seen in months maybe years! they had good skits and great matches if Raw keeps this up TNA wont be in business any longer just saying…

  • AustinTO

    Wow. I bet Mickie James is secretly cracking smile after reading this article.

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