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WWE on Why Fans Cheer for John Cena and Why They Chant Cena Sucks

– WWE’s website has a two-part article up asking why do fans cheer for John Cena and why do they chant that he sucks.

Here are a few reasons they list on why fans cheer Cena:

* He follows his own mantra
* He’s an inspiration
* He thinks of the children
* He likes Zack Ryder and he isn’t The Rock

It appears they have disabled the article on why fans chant Cena sucks but here are a few of the reasons they had listed:

* You’re tired of his shtick
* He’s Hulk Hogan all over again
* You think he can’t wrestle
* He hogs the spotlight

  • tebow hater

    we hate cena for the same reason we hate tebow

  • venom

    I used to really hate Cena when he hogged up the spotlight. But right now he is taking a backseat and Punk is in the spotlight. I think cena is going to be like HHH, wrestling but not the top guy.

  • the_electrifying_one

    I am an out and out wrestling fan. I still like to go insane on return specially Y2J and the Rock or at some of the silly little things.

    I love and hate Cena so to speak. In the right storyline I like to cheer him and sometimes he bores me and I want to boo his ass out of the arena.

    I think WWE has tried to do another super Hogan era but I agree Cena is his own character and I think he can be very entertaining. I still think done right a Cena heel turn could work brilliantly.

    Maybe he could build up Ryder and then turn on him. Build up another main eventer.
    Yes there are better technical wrestlers and I also think there are some who are better on the mic.

    If WWE had some bollocks to take a risk again they could turn RAW and Smackdown into two completely different brands. One more for the adult audience and one for the younger audience.

  • Ricardo


    That’s absolutely right. Just watch it and STFU. Hey, STFU! 🙂

  • No1coleminer

    only cena can have a match where his opponent is as irrelevant as most of the hypocrite fans. cena alone makes the whole arena cheer and boo him simultaneously, no one really cares about who he wrestling, too busy screaming lets go cena, cena sucks. why should wwe alter him if his garnering more attention then he ever could being a heel. ultimately its the fans who decide if ones a heel or face, by their sheer reactions

  • LVW

    I think everyone would enjoy it much more if they didn’t spend so much energy worrying about who gets pushed, held back, etc etc etc.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Whether you like him or not it would freshen up his character to turn him heel.

  • Big T

    I like John Cena, I like the wrestlers who have worked hard and sacrificed for the love of the business. I can’t stand the WWE shoving him down my throat for the last 8 or so years though. I can’t stand the idea of one person getting an hour of tv time when the tag team division has been buried.

  • Ricardo


    Thank you for saying out loud something I hadn’t realized – it’s the fans saying “Cena sucks” that’s getting stale, not so much Cena. You also have a point that if Cena had no ability to wrestle (both techically and charisma) he wouldn’t be the mega star he is. Saying “yes he would, look at the Great Khali” cannot be taken seriously as an argument. Khali was a transitory champion, made to grow the indian market; he wasn’t the face of the company for 6 years. Hogan, Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaken – like him or not, Cena is up there with them all, and all of them were good. The Ultimate Warriors, Khalis and Goldbergs of this world are shooting stars who disappear because their lack of quality eventually shines through.

    It’s also true nobody really emulates anyone and gets to that kind of main event status. The “monster heel” character works for a bit and then vanishes, for example. To be at the top and stay there you have to be unique, and that Cena obviously is.

    That being said, I don’t like Cena. But fans should understand that hating a performer and thinking he’s boring and wishing someone else would main event does not make true sayings like “he’s a Hogan copy” or “he has no ability” or even catchy comments like “the five moves of doom”.

    After all, look at little fans sweetheart, CM Punk. He’s no Hogan, everybody orgasms at his wrestling ability, he’s the man of 1002 holds, and yet the show is absolutely boring and never had worse ratings. Outside the internet bubble, CM Punk is a man who promised to make things interesting, and yet he’s nothing but eternal hope. All talk, no action.

    A good show is not proportional to how many wrestling moves you know. Kudos to Cena for implicitly sticking it to fans who, in their unchallenged egos, think they’re smarter promoters than empire-builder McMahon.

  • Jon

    People boo Cena because it getting old seeing him main evening almost every time and just being lame. Cena gimmick was great back when he started on Smackdown. The freestyle and rap character was great and it make it funny to watch him every week. But ever since PG took control Cena gimmick is lame. It doesn’t make sense to watch a PG version of him every week.

  • LSC

    I gather it is WWE’s fault because Vince is too much of a pussy to turn Cena heel or even change his gimmick. But compared to Khali, Cena has won over one world championship and WWE have always been high on him, please never compare Khali and Cena (Facepalm)

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    My brother and I are both Cena fans. And we both agree with LSC when they say that the things the haters say are getting more stale than his gimmick. We both like his current gimmick, but we would both like to see him go heel.. even though they won’t let him because he’s the top moneymaker. There were plenty of spots open where he could’ve easily went heel and it probably would’ve made the storyline even better. It’s like “He’s gonna turn heel, he’s gonna turn heel. Damn it….”

  • Craig

    Wow, nice to see a well thought out and written debate on here. Just want to throw my two cents in though. On Cena wrestling, if you go back and watch his earlier stuff pre-Mega Uber Cena you’ll noticed he wrestled better matches, matter of fact his first match with Angle was actually pretty good. No he’s not a technical wrestler but for a brawler he could go. Where things went wrong (or maybe right) was when Vince decided that Cena was “the guy” they made Cena change his style to a more safer style. Take a look at how many times Cena has been injured over the years, not to many.

    As far as Cena sucks, I’m with you guys I like the guy personally. He’s put over young talent whenever he can, always speaking highly of other talent. He’s known to work his ass off outside of the ring, signing autographs for the fans, working with charities and doing whatever he can for the troops. You never hear about Cena making an ass out of himself or bad mouthing others, so yeah comparing him to Hogan is a bit of a stretch. lol

    However, yes the Super Cena shtick is beyond old. I couldn’t stand it from the moment it started, it was generic babyface at it’s fullest. Vince wanted to head back to his PG roots and Cena was going to be his stallion that got him there, and it worked. Strangely, WWE with babyface Cena as the poster child has made more money than they ever did in the Attitude Era. Only problem, back when Hogan was the mega sugar coated babyface that all the kids loved the adults could get their fix by watching WCW/NWA and cheering on a more adult oriented program. I’m sure if TNA was a viable alternative we wouldn’t hear as many Cena suck chants. Anyways, just my two cents on the subject and something to think about.

  • Dannl

    Cena IS Hogan again, there matches are the exact same. They get beat down then hulk up/U can’t C me, point finger/5 knuckle shuffle, finally followed up with leg drop/AA. Cena is better than Hoan wrestling wise he might drop kick or go to top rope (every blue moon), but Hogan is a much better entertainer.

  • Stashathan

    ugh do not get mer started on the Cena subject. I have voiced my opinions and rap and what-not already a thousand times. So must I have to again? But when you say that wrestlers are not like any others from back in the day you are wrong. So you mean to tell me that Jack Swagger’s charecter is not a slap in the face to Angle? And no, y9u do not have to have GREAT in-ring ability now a days. I mean look at the product the past few years. So many botched magtches, so many matches look horrible. The “Entertainers” they have now a days are lazy in the ring. Hence John Cena. I mean he gets by with getting beat down throughout the match and comes back with shoulder block, spin out PB, 5 knuckle, then F-U yea I said F-U. its really boring to watch and so predictable, just like Hogan who also sucks btw.

    back on subject, now a days Vince is just looking for the “LOOK” of a wrestler. oh another bad word “wrestler”. lol. They barely have any talent to work with ever since they went PG most people got up and left including some of thier talent. TBH though I dont blame PG material.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I’m like poko; I don’t hate Cena, but I am not all on his jock either. I’d rather watch someone like CM Punk or Jericho, because every once in a while they will pull out something new or mix it up a bit. Cena is one dimensional as a performer.

  • Bill

    To be honest, I’m not surprised WWE disabled the Cena Sucks article. It’s not Cena’s fault for his gimmick, it’s creative. He’s no Hogan, because if he was, he’d literally control every aspect of the show. Cena can wrestle, remember MITB? Finally, if Cena always hogged the spotlight, then CM Punk, The Miz, or any of those kind of guys would never have been champion. Rock has been on WWE TV 5 or 6 times since his return, & I honestly don’t see him back until after the Rumble, or maybe later.

  • poko

    I don’t hate Cena, but I don’t particularly like him, either. He can wrestle, as he showed against Punk, but is seems as though the outings where he is actually compelling in the ring are somewhat rare. I know the arguments, that baby-face characters are boring because they are usually damage sponges for the majority of the match before they hit a few scripted spots for the momentum shit, but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially from the top guy. Shawn Micheals, for example, had back-and-forth matches as a face that were interesting throughout.

    I think most of the people who “hate” Cena really just hate how the WWE handled him. “Super Cena” wasn’t just a push for Cena, it was the continual destruction and devaluation of the rest of the roster, until all the heel characters looked weak and cowardly, and they had to keep bringing in outside talent with mega-pushes just to keep the Super Cena monster rolling. They really were attempting to recreate Hulk Hogan, and it backfired.

    Now, where I really do dislike Cena is on the mic. His jokes are usually childish and his attempts to be witty usually aren’t. More than that, though, his is constant hammering away at certain themes, as though the Cena character is some kind of Saint. I don’t care how hard he works; it’s a cut-throat profession, almost everyone works hard. The ass-kissing of the fans and of other wrestlers is kind of annoying, as well.

    Long story short, I don’t think most people hate John Cena, I think they hate St. Super Cena, and most of the blame for that goes to the WWE.

  • Second City Saints

    Cena compared to Hulk Hogan please hogan will always be the better wrestler and entertainer

  • CC

    @LSC. You do realise that being able to wrestle has never been a necessity when it comes to WWE, the main event and most wrestling companies?
    Do you think Great Khali could wrestle? The guy could barely walk, yet due to his size, he not only signed with WWE, but was a world champion there.

    Also, if you think nobody can replicate another wrestler, then you must be living in a bubble. Very few wrestlers are truly 100% original these days, and some are just out and out copies of other wrestlers.

    Are you also saying that the fans voicing their opinions is wrong?
    If you think its stale that people are saying Cena is shit, then surely the problem lays with WWE not listening rather than the fans getting stale. What would you rather they do, all stop watching so all the wrestling promotions get no viewers and are removed from tv entirely?

  • LSC

    Bash me all you like but when people say Cena or other wrestlers can’t wrestler, it’s really stupid because ofcourse they can wrestle, otherwise they would not be in WWE etc. Especially if Cena is main event material…

    I think this bashing Cena is getting more stale than Cena’s current gimmick, I mean we hear the same old shit from the fans, getting old

    Plus nobody can be Hulk Hogan, like nobody can be Triple H, Randy Orton, Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels etc. Nobody can replica any past legend, Cena is not a Hulk Hogan rip off, nor will he ever be one. Just the haters think he is mimicking Hogan