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WWE Asking Fans To Name Upcoming “Monday Night War” TV Series

WWE is asking fans to help name a program looking back at the “Monday Night War” for their soon to be launched WWE Network.

“WWE Network launches in 2012, but we’re already taking names for our new slate of shows, including a controversial look back at the Monday Night War. Waged between WWE and WCW during the 90’s, this battle for TV dominance unfolded live each week, giving rise to some of the most iconic Superstars and storylines of our time. And you get to relive it in one action-packed television season.”

Poll options include:

1. Battleground: Raw vs. Nitro
2. Battleground: The Monday Night Wars
3. The Monday Night War
4. WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro
5. Monday Night Warfare

You can vote online here.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    No doubt it had great characters, I agree with you fully and it also had interesting storylines that the viewers could get into. However my post wasn’t directed at all attitude fans. Just the fanboys who bitch and moan about how they don’t bleed or curse in WWE anymore. Probably should have made it clearer.

  • mattnichollsFEAR

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling the Katie Vick thing wasn’t even the attitude era. As for the whole cursing and bleeding thing, it was about the great characters wwf had, like Rock, Austin, DX, kane (with mask), taker (before he was injury prone and 100yrs old), Y2J, Owen hart, jarret, headbangers, Venis, godfather… The list goes on. Now its about two things… Appealing to kids and john cena. ‘WWE’ has gone downhill.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    This should keep the attitude fanboys happy. They can have all the cursing and bleeding they want, maybe even the infamous Katie Vick scene. I’d also go with #3.

  • Dakota11

    Yeah Monday Night War would have my vote. Pretty much sums up what it was back in the 90s

  • The Monday Night War, Duh.

  • Dave

    I’d go for “Russos Folly”.

  • Emerson

    I think they should just call it the slow demise of wcw.

  • venom

    I would pick #3.

  • Buttercastle

    All of these titles remind me of either Call of Duty or Battlefield.

  • Ironcross

    obvious i feel you keep it simple, everyone knows it as the monday night war so i’d assume the people would vote for 3