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WWE Female Wrestler Gets Married, Randy Orton On WWE Kids, Eve Vows Revenge

– Kharma indicated on her Twitter account that she is now a married woman. Acknowledging that she has a mother-in-law, she wrote Saturday on the website, “I love my mother-in-law’s New England accent. She doesn’t play darts, she plays “DAH-ts”! ?#family?.” reported last December that the behemoth female grappler planned to tie the knot in June after her fiancée proposed to her with an engagement ring shaped like a wrestling ring.

– Randy Orton, who is currently serving a sixty-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s drug testing policy, is featured on the cover of WWE’s latest “Kids” magazine.

– Eve vows to offer payback tonight on Raw SuperShow for the disrespect she was subject to last week-Zack Ryder accidentally threw a pitcher of punch on her on SmackDown and was dismissed by AJ on Raw. She tweeted: “Back HOME in #Denver for #Raw. Was nice to get a home made breakfast 🙂 … Before I make people pay for disrespecting me last week.”

  • King Albert

    Nothing to do with that fat pig is news, i hope she died soon, i feel sorry for her husband poor cunt.

  • Mr. Wrestling

    @Will You do know you have to be a former Raw/smackdown GM to be the GM. When was Eve ever the GM?

  • Logan

    Cool, hope it last congrats girl!

  • Myers

    If RAW is in Eve’s hometown, it’s safe to say she will be humiliated again.

  • Skip

    WWE female wrestler, because when you talk about Kharma, Diva just doesn’t fit.

  • Nick Kidd

    Attention all WWE kids!

    Make sure to pick your copy up of the lastest WWE kids Magazine, featuring a close look at doing drugs, with the very best, Randy Orton! Learn how to do drugs TODAY!”

  • Devil_Rising

    LOL Orton…….on the cover of a kids magazine.

    The guy who gets suspended for roids/drugs and punt-kicks people in the head. Yup.

  • Jericho4life

    I Hope he Returns WWE As a HEEL

  • SYM

    Anybody else point at Eve and laugh, then said “Shut Up Dumb Bitch”? Or was that Just my Grandfather? O_o

  • Will Henderson

    looks like Eve’s gonna be GM or Raw tonight.