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WWE Filming Another Legends House This Year?, CrankyVince Reaction, More

– Below is a clip from Chuck Palumbo’s new “Lords of the Car Hoards” show that debuted on Discover last night.

– There is already talk within WWE of filming a second season of Legends House with a different group of Legends later this year.

– We noted before that people backstage at RAW were talking about how much rested and healthier CM Punk looked on Talking Dead. confirms that and notes that people were talking about how Punk looked 10 years younger.

– Regarding the story that came out last night about JBL possibly being behind the @CrankyVince Twitter account, someone within WWE does not believe JBL is behind it but feels that it’s maybe two or three people, some who may not even be in the company right now.

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  • Matthew Farrell

    Yet people criticize him for leaving. If he had stayed he would likely end up having a mental or physical breakdown