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WWE Focusing on Tag Teams Again, New Members of The Wyatt Family?, RAW

– It appears WWE are planting the seeds for more members of The Wyatt Family to debut on TV. Right now, we know that Bray Wyatt will be coming up with NXT Tag Team Champions Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The video that aired on Monday also featured what appeared to be NXT wrestler Garrett Dylan and NXT Diva Bayley in minor roles as Wyatt’s “followers.”

– There were reportedly 3 or 4 re-writes of Monday’s RAW from Hartford, between last Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon. This includes Vince McMahon showing up on Monday afternoon and telling writers to re-do the whole script. WWE officials were very paranoid about going up against Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs.

– WWE officials are once again interested in pushing the tag team division. Over the next few weeks, we may see several undercard talents put together in new tag teams. This latest tag team kick is part of why The Usos are being pushed to feud with Tag Team Champions The Shield.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • rabid

    Finally they care abt tagteams again.. sucks that they booked themselves into a corner bc theyre not ready to the shield to lose all the tag teams will get buried… and I’m a tad confused with this booking.. so now theyre going to have 2 stables that will be undefeated bc there not going to push the wyatts like this to win one week and lose another

  • Sam Peters

    Put Ryder and Hawkins back together as a tag team!

  • Jeff Wurtz

    The NBA Finals won’t go 7 games. Don’t stress.