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WWE To Give Lilian Garcia A Tripping Gimmick?, Update On WWE Encyclopedia

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia has had a little trouble staying on her feet at recent live events, most recently during Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in London, England as she tripped over pyrotechnics equipment and stumbled to her knees while making her way ringside. New York Times Best Selling author Kevin Sullivan, who authored the WWE Encyclopedia, says he wouldn’t be surprised if WWE creative burdened the Decade Diva with a gimmick based on her follies after the organization quickly released footage of her tumble online.

“I don’t know why, but I truly enjoy following Lilian Garcia’s follies on the web. I’m really a good person, but her goofs make me laugh,” he wrote on Twitter after watching a video of her latest miscue. “Some guys are goofy before becoming serious (Angle, Y2J, Double J), while others start serious and turn goofy (Santino, R-Truth, Godfather).

“I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE gave Lilian Garcia a tripping gimmick now.”

Garcia has past history of an accident metamorphosing into a storyline as Charlie Haas incurred the wrath of Viscera after inadvertently knocking her to the ground as she stood on the ring apron during a June 2006 Raw episode.

A second edition of the WWE Encyclopedia is scheduled to be released on September 3, 2012. Sullivan, who is penning the second one, tweeted information on the book’s contents on Wednesday.

“It will have everything the first WWE Encyclopedia had, plus updates, plus new Superstar entries, plus more past Superstars,” he wrote.

  • Jason L

    Is that the same Kevin Sulliven from WCW (The Taskmaster, Nancy Benoits’ ex husband) etc? I heard he has a back stage or office role with WWE.

  • SusyRko

    Lilian Drunk, Ricardo Rodríguez save her from her problems and both start dating and introducing Alberto del Riiiio, lilian: Alberto Zigg… Ricardo: del Riiiio.

  • chronoxiong

    Lillian Garcia as the tripping Diva versus Natalya as the Diva who farts. Make it happen Vince!!!

  • jeff

    The hell with c.m punk fake story line, Lilian is doing it in reality

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    So an author named Kevin Sullivan expressing his opinion means that WWE might Lilian a tripping gimmick? If that were to happen, hopefully they don’t have her farting too.