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WWE Giving Teenagers a Tryout, R-Truth’s Smoking Angle on RAW, More

– Several readers have sent word that R-Truth’s smoking did not air on RAW in the UK last night. If anyone has more details about what aired and what didn’t, please feel free to send them in.

– As noted before, Lowell Weicker, Jr. is leaving WWE’s Board of Directors after 15 years of service. The change comes with WWE’s new re-branding campaign. WWE will elect a new board member during their April 29th shareholders meeting.

– Teenage independent wrestlers Zak Knight and Britani Knight are getting tryouts with WWE at the SmackDown tapings from London today. They are brother and sister and their parents have been involved in the UK wrestling scene for years. Britani received a tryout with WWE back in November of 2010 also.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • The law states that public smoking is banned, however, it is allowed if it is done in a theatrical and/or scripted environment. So, the WWE didn’t break any laws last night, and the footage of Truth with the cigarette could’ve been aired without legal action being taken. Yet, it still wasn’t.

  • KitKrock

    Ron The Truth Killings smoking was aired here in Zambia.

  • Im awsome!
  • nick

    isnt R-Truth supposed to have a tag title match in the future with his NXT rookie

  • venom

    R-Truth is far from being ready for the WWE title. This is one step closer though. Bigg EZ is talking like Hogan.

  • Rucdogg

    For the first time in who knows how long, I didnt change the channel while R-Truth was on. lol. the look he gave when he took that first drag was priceless! and I dont even smoke. I think he does need to be repakaged instead of that “whatsup” crap.

  • Ryan

    it’s likely because R-truth would of been fined by the arena for breaking the smoking ban so we didnt show it because of that.


    I figured they would turn ONE of them heel, but to take the brother out of the title match was kind of F’d up, but maybe now they’ll re-package him, not stereotype him, give him a devastating finisher and give him a hard push. At least the brother isn’t bringing his woman drama to work with him. Like I said earlier, maybe Morrison promised Vinnie Mac that he would break up with Melina, or she’s going to Smackdown. Be that as it may, I think R-Truth IS ready for the title, but WWE should do something better with his character.

  • Stashathan

    i would have to agree with some of you. Truth ended up over Morrison because of his mic skills that were displayed. I knew Truth wasnt ready for the title but he took one step closer toward it. and thats the bottom line

  • scooter

    why would wwe hire a woman who can wrestle though it just doesn’t make any sense

  • Davey Zoo

    The coverage in the uk last night was awful with some of the placements of the adverts. The London crowd was awesome though.

    P.S I thought R-Truths promo at the beginning before Morrison came out was above average.

  • ChrisMathews

    In England we do have an Indoor Smoking ban, so wouldnt R Truth be breaking the law if he did smoke in the O2 Arena??

  • shawn

    we cant smoke and drink indoors at bars here in MA. it showed here and i was taking it in. finally more interest for the truth!

  • mark

    it doesnt air in the UK cos we have a ad break every 7 -10 mins when RAW is shown. doh!!!


    It aired in Califonia and we have the same law here too.

  • MidgeMan

    The R-Truth smoking angle did not air on the UK version of Raw.

  • blue4everd

    I watched Monday Night Raw last Night. I’m from Texas and we all (my bros) witnessed R-truth smoking a cig afterwards lol. It was amazing. i am LOVING this heal turn! its like smoking a cig after sex LOL. i wasnt a fan of R-Truth but his heal is makking me like him! LOL