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WWE Trying to Get Goldberg for WrestleMania, Reason for Punk-Ryback Change, Bryan & Brie

– Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were in attendance for last night’s Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals football game:

Brie and Bryan at NFL game

– Vince McMahon decided to put Ryback and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view inside the Cell to make it more of a “spectacle.”

– During the Ryback match on Monday’s RAW, Jerry Lawler’s line about fans loving the Bill Goldberg chants was fed to him by Vince McMahon. The timing for the Goldberg DVD plugs was no coincidence either as WWE officials are very interested in getting Goldberg for a match at WrestleMania XXX.

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  • millerj265

    Yeah I figured you wouldn’t respond considering I proved you wrong and there was no way to lie your way around what I said without looking like an even bigger idiot then you already have.

  • The Killswitch

    If you two can’t hold a discussion without sprinkling insults in your posts, don’t post at all.

  • Jeff N

    hey man, dont waste your time on this dude. You wont hear the end. Dont waste your time

  • millerj265

    No I don’t, how does them having that much money nearly 20yrs later mean they had to have that much then? are you in grade school still? Canada was one of there most profitable markets then, do you think in the midst’s of being destroyed by WCW that they would give up one of there biggest draws if they could afford to keep him? In every aspect that the word stupid represents and encompasses, you are beyond that in everyway, I just don’t think there’s a strong enough word to interpret just how dumb you are.

  • millerj265

    ah you actually believe wrestling is real, im sry I didn’t realize considering you are throwing around such idiotic remarks as who has won belts and lost championship matches. Its predetermined, Goldberg nvr beat anyone, nor has ryback lost to anyone, its all scripted. And maybe you should do your home work before calling someone a rookie. Ryback has been wrestling for 10yrs consecutively now unlike Goldberg who wrestled about 3 then took off and came back for less then a full yr in wwe. Ryback wrestled down in OVW starting in either late 05 to early 06 as the silver back ryan reeves. He also wrestled there as ryback way before going to the wwe with the gimmick. And I also have that DVD and he nvr once said that, you’ll of course lie and say that he did because that’s what you do, your a liar who revises history to fit your point of view. But what Bret actually said was that he feels bad that such a nice guy like Goldberg had to be the guy to injure him and end his career, you can look that up on google too and find tons of sites quoting Bret on that as well. Also heres a link to an interview on youtube where Goldberg admits to it being his fault, saying that even though bret is a good friend and holds no grudges, that he will feel terrible and remorseful about injuring bret for the rest of his life, to save you some time he starts talking about it at the 9min mark. So go ahead and try and weave a lie around what is indisputable proof that your wrong and a liar, because I know you will kid, its what piece of trash liars like you do, oh and checkmate “ROOKIE”

  • God of Entertainment

    Oh yeah as far as WWE financially, if u believe that trash then u are sick. Linda McMahon has just blown close to 100 million on campaigns lol…u think they didn’t have that $$$ back then? Think again my friend…

  • God of Entertainment

    Ok I hear u but Bret said it himself that the injury was his fault. Second, what other blotch does Goldberg have? He’s a legend for a reason. He had some of the most amazing matches in the history of wrestling. HHH had more “worse” matches than Goldberg. Ask PWI lol HHH has been a part of like 3 of the worse matches of the year candidates. He won 1 year too so before y’all get outta hand, just stop. Thanks and peace

  • God of Entertainment

    First of all rookie, Goldberg wrestled for how many years before the Bret incident? Like 3, don’t forget Goldberg debuted in 97 and the incident happen right before WCW tanked in 2000. WCW was officially over a year afterwards but back to the point, Goldberg was a vet by the time the injury took place. Bret said it on his DVD, which I own and have for years, he made the mistake! He said that he forgot that move was in place and got clocked for it. Goldberg and Bret were tag champs, they had great chemistry in the ring. So u overzealous Bret fans need to quit it. Hell Goldberg lost the WCW belt to Bret but it was one match too late. Goldberg jobbed for plenty after the streak, Hogan, Bret, Luger, the Giant. Just to name a few, actually after the streak, Goldberg went on like a 10 match losing streak. So all ur statements do is make me laugh. Cryback hasn’t been around long enough to injure someone yet. His moveset list is so simple a dog could replace him in the ring. Don’t ever disrespect the heritage of wrestling again by making such blasphemous remarks. This guy hasn’t even won a belt! Lmao, Daniel Bryan has, Wade Barrett has, Curtis Axel has, HELL even David Otunga held the tag team belt with McGullicutty. Ryback has not only lost every title match he’s been in but has also lost almost every 1 of his PPV matches! He’s a waste of space to be honest but anyone who watched NXT would’ve known that from jump. Apparently a couple of y’all skipped the Skip Sheffield movement lmfao…why do u think fans chant Goldberg during his matches? Last point, HOW MANY TIMES DID WCW REPACKAGE GOLDBERG? HELL HOW MANY TIMES DID WWE REPACKAGE DANIEL BRYAN? CM PUNK? JOHN CENA? HBK? UNDERTAKER? BRET? HULK? NEVER…why? Real wrestlers don’t need to be repackaged, just need different storylines.

  • millerj265

    Who has had a career ending injury caused to them by Ryback in a match? oh that’s right nobody. And right one of the most technically proficient wrestlers, and a man dubbed by almost everyone in wrestling as the best ever caused himself to get injured by a kick that Goldberg threw. And bret had plenty left in the tank, he was only 40yrs old, he had a good 4 to 5 yrs left in him. And Vince has stated along with bret and everyone else that they let him go to get out of paying him his 1.5 million dollar contract because at the time the wwe was struggling financially. Also Bill was an a-hole who refused to job ever, even after the winning streak was long gone, he wouldn’t even drop the WHC back to HHH who let berg beat him on two straight ppvs, even though he was leaving the company in 3 months, they had to put kane in the match so it would be a three way so kane could take the pin from HHH. Bill is a piece of crap who was clumbsy in the ring, he hurt a lot of ppl, there careers might not of been ended but he hurt a lot of guys, he barly wrestled, even when he was the WCW champion, and try and make it out like it was Brets fault all you want, Goldberg still ended his career with a superkick, a move bret has taken from HBK hundreds of times without ever once being injured.

  • God of Entertainment

    Goldberg. That’s an easy decision

  • God of Entertainment

    Bret was old af anyway. Think about it, if Bret still had plenty of competitive nature left in the tank then why would Vince let him go to WCW to begin with? Vince saw Brets age catching up to him and let me go to WCW. Plus that kick was more of Brets fault than Goldberg. Bret was supposed to fall right after he hit the ropes cause he knew Goldberg was gonna be in the middle of the ring. He thought Goldberg would pull a Ryback and forget his spot but Goldberg didn’t, which resulted in Bret getting a boot to the face. Who else has been injured during a Goldberg match? Exactly! Checkmate!

  • millerj265

    How does knowing karate make you a better wrestler? Steve blackman was a black belt and his claim to fame is holding the hardcore title for like 2 months. And considering Ryback didn’t end Bret Harts career with a botched side kick to the head that cause Bret issues for yrs to come and contributed to his stroke, id say he is probably more favorable to Ryback then Goldberg.

  • Hardlyaaron

    I first want to say I agree with you, but they’re both botch machines. Remember it was Goldberg’s kick to the head that caused Bret’s stroke.

  • xXx

    it’s like that first pokemon movie.. the clones just wanna be loved

  • God of Entertainment

    Wow he said Ryback is better than Goldberg. Bret Hart and all wrestling legends would laugh at u. Technically they aren’t even comparable. Goldberg knew karate, not a black belt but had the craft. Anyone who watched him knew that and fell in love with his wrestling style. Remember Edge stole his move and approach to wrestling. Goldberg was a monster until he signed with WWE. WCW had no structure so those last days, Goldberg wouldn’t even show up. Ryback is getting better but his overall technique is still horrible. The only comparison is their build and bald head. Peace

  • millerj265

    Well considering ryback isn’t Goldberg, and the only similarities they share are a bold head, and they both had an undefeated streak, not sure how its Berg vs Berg. And it doesn’t need to be compelling since every crowed chants Goldberg when he wrestles, ppl want to see the match, everyone knows it will suck, Goldberg always sucked in the ring, Rybacks better but he’s no wrestling technician by any stretch. Its just one of those matches you want to see, and it for better or for worse will help sell more mania tickets and ppv buys.

  • Prince

    Ryback vs. Goldberg. The Battle of the Goldbergs. Who is really the best one? Compelling stuff.