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WWE Censors Cesaro After He Flipped Off John Cena During Their Match On RAW

During the Cesaro – John Cena United States Championship open challenge match, Cesaro hit Cena with several uppercuts then the screen went black as WWE censored what was going on in the ring.

The reasoning for the censoring is because Cesaro flipped Cena off after delivering the devastating uppercuts.

You can see the GIF of this moment in the match down below:

Cesaro would go on to beat Cena by DQ when Kevin Owens ran in and broke up the Sharpshooter submission that was being applied to Cena.

  • Stephen Heim

    That was because he was told that if he didn’t change his style, they was going to release him.

  • Anees Mohamed

    Watch him get punished for this….

  • Brad Grillakis

    comon that not bad. Stone old did that all the time and wasn’t censored…smh.

    PG crap sucks.

  • Shawn OB

    Those were his ring fingers.

  • TheFizPop

    Yes! Let this Cesaro run riot!! He could be a good badazz if given the write time. Same thing with SCSA, he was floundering as ring master, Vinnie let him be himself and he stomped that mud hole! We’d get the multilingual Austin this time too