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WWE Hall of Fame Announcement Planned For Raw, Lilian Garcia Recording, More

— Ron Simmons appeared on Busted Open Monday and stated WWE will announce his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on tonight’s Raw.

It has been reported that John “Bradshaw” Layfield will induct his longtime tag team partner into the Hall.

— is currently holding a pre-sale for the August 27, 2012 Raw Supershow at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The code is: WWERAW. Once the pre-sale concludes this week, tickets won’t go on sale until June 30.

— Lilian Garcia stated on Twitter that she’s in Chicago, Illinois today recording a new song with producer Oh, Hush!.

— Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez appears in The Social Rules, a new web series about the do’s and dont’s of dating and relating. In her latest video, she offers advice on breaking up.



  • Nicholas

    @ Pissoffan. The reason why Ron Simmons gets to go in the Hall of Fame before JBL is because he was WCW world champion long before JBL came around. Ron was the first Black world champion in WCW. I always been a big fan of Ron Simmons in his prime he was Damn good. He also help out 2 Wwe guys coming up. Not only did he help Jbl but he also help The Rock out a lot. Before the Rock join the Nation his career was going nowhere after it sky rocket. Ron Simmons much repsect.

  • gsondj

    @Pissed Off Fan =(

    Individual accomplishment are much more important than tag team accomplishment. By your logic Marty Jannetty should be in the Hall of Fame with HBK.

  • wwe


  • Jeff

    Outside of the APA these two were both accomplished singles wrestlers. Both having won a world title. Just because you’re in a tag team at some point doesn’t mean you should be inducted as a tag team.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I don’t get it how if Ron Simmons use getting inducted and I’m sure JBL later, why not just induct the APA together

  • LSC

    One word: DAMN!

  • Big T

    But JBL in with him!

  • Whatever

    Ron Simmons in the Hall of Fame? DAMN! Make it happen!