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Next WWE Hall of Fame Announcement, WWE Highlights Tag Teams, More

— Sunny, considered by many to be the first Diva in World Wrestling Entertainment history, will be revealed as the next inductee into the WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

The announcement is scheduled to take place tomorrow night on Raw.

— This week’s episode of WWE Vintage Collection highlights tag teams. The program featured The Rock and Mankind vs The Undertaker and Big Show for the WWF Tag Team Championship from the August 30, 1999 episode of Raw; Midnight Express vs Barry Windham and Ron Garvin for the NWA United States Tag Team Championship from May 1987; and Demolition vs The Rockers from October 1988. Also featured was The Rock and Mankind’s “This is Your Life” segment that aired on the September 27, 1999 Raw.

— CM Punk is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.


  • Tie Guy

    I expect Jake the Snake Roberts to be inducted this year.
    He is, after all, from Stone Mountain, GEORGIA.

  • Midnighthour

    Rumor has it that a future Wrestlemaina will be held again in Toronto.If that is true,then maybe that’s when they will induct Trish,Owen and other Canadian sports entertainers in the H.O.F..

  • Ron

    i would have put miss Elizabeth first…but she’ll probably be inducted with savage if/when that happens.

  • RAW GM

    If you ask me Trish needs to be in HOF as does Owen, etc…but Sunny should go in first, then Trish it would make comon senese

  • Davey Zoo

    Ironic they highlight the tag teams of the past isn’t it???

  • guy3

    trish deserves to but the first divas should be mae young and the fabolus moolah or whatever her name was b4 sunny

  • CC

    Trish is still relatively young and in good shape, so WWE would be more likely wishful that she would return to the ring on a full time basis rather than put her in the HOF which essentially means they are admitting she is retired.

  • Zach V

    i think they’re waiting till mania is in toronto to do that as it was rumoured if mania was in toronto next yr like it shoulda been trish and rock were being inducted as it also woulda been 10 yrs after rock vs hogan

  • marcum

    they should really induct trish