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WWE Hall of Fame Update, Maria’s Top Career Moments, Mae Young

– Former WWE Diva and First Lady of ROH Maria Kanellis wrote her top 10 career moments on Twitter, in no particular order with honorable mentions:

1: Giving 25,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation on Celebrity Apprentice
2: Winning the Slammy for Diva of the year
3: Wrestlemania 24 Bunnymania
4: My outfit winning on Project Runway (mostly because Hedi Klum complimented my abs)
5: Tribute to the Troops
6: Ric Flair bumping after he kissed me! (Ric Flair Wooo)
7: Running the Ladies Division of Crossfire Wrestling in Nashville
8: Doing Playboy
9: Becoming the First Lady of ROH
10: Winning the FWE Woman’s Championship

Honorable Mentions:
1: The courtroom scene
2: Tag match with John Cena against Edge and Lita
3: 10 anniversary of ROH
4: Working with DX
5: Hosting Macho Man’s DVD

– WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young turns 89 years old today.

– Mil Mascaras and the late Yokozuna are the two names still expected to be featured on RAW and announced for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. While WWE confirmed Mascaras months ago, speculation is that his video package will air on tonight’s RAW Supershow from Cleveland and tie-in with Alberto Del Rio’s return. Del Rio is set to return to RAW as a member of Team Laurinaitis at WrestleMania.

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  • Dave

    Don’t allow your ignorance to blind you.
    Mil Masceras is one of the most famous Mexican Masked Wrestlers of all time. And he has been performing at the top level for about 40 years. More than deserving of his place.

  • l

    why is Mascaras even goint into the hall of fame nobody even knows who the hell he is…..really what did he do?…..nothing

  • voice of reason

    the thing i love about her is that she wants to wrestle on her 100th bithday now that’s a gutsy lady

  • Dave

    I remember as an 80th birthday present. WWE gave her a spot in a 6 person tag team match and had her pick up the win. Laughed till I nearly cried. Wonder if she’ll work a match for her 90th as well?
    Gotta love Mae. And she can always be relied upon for an insightful. And very non pg comment.

  • k

    Omg, I didn’t know Mae Young was still alive.

  • voice of reason

    a massive happy birthday to mae young may you reach 100 have a wonderful day.

  • Davey Zoo

    My top 3 momments of reading this article:

    3. Remembering Maria nude.
    2. Writing this post
    1. Skipping past Maria’s top 10 momments