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WWE Hall of Famer Calls Montreal Screwjob “A Joke”; How Randy Savage Acted Backstage

WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele joined Inside The Ropes radio this past Thursday. Here are the highlights:

On his character becoming nonsensical in his promos: “I did my own interviews and I was very articulate in the WWF when I got there but once they called me The Animal, and I was doing an interview with Vince and he said I was making too much sense for an animal so I turned into the ooh ooh aah guy and became the comedy character and it was a great run.”

On working WrestleMania 2 with Randy Savage: “I had a great time. It was not as stressful as when I wrestled Bruno because Bruno and I were hardcore. I was a cartoon character with Randy so it was easier. Randy was in all honesty, a very jealous guy about Elizabeth and what you saw was sort of real. So then the further I went on TV to make him jealous and the further I got, the angrier he was.”

Memories of WrestleMania 3: “It was about twelve miles from home. The Savage/Steamboat thing was Not my kinda match. I heard them talk that match for three weeks, I was sick of hearing about it. They called the spots, it was a great match but there was no psychology. Andre was a very good friend, Vince and Hogan did not know what Andre would do when he got to the ring if he’d lay down. He sort of kayfabed them. I’m sitting watching, laughing my tail off because I knew what Andre would do. When Hogan slammed Andre, that made him.”

Why he left WWF in 1989: “I was deathly ill with Crohns disease. I was in hospital for a month, and I knew it was all over, I couldn’t keep wrestling. I didn’t know I’d have to retire, but once I got to hospital, I knew it was over.”

On being inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1995 and founding the PWHOF: “It was fine. they brought my family in. After my induction they didn’t do any inductions for years. I talked to this guy Tony Mollano who’s responsible for the boxing hall of fame and I told him there wasn’t a physical building, and so we set up the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, New York. It’s a good thing. We’re not in competition with Vince. But we have a building people can come along and take a look at history.”

Thoughts on Montreal Screwjob: “To me that’s one of the biggest jokes in wrestling of all time. Lets be honest, who did Bret Hart beat to win the belt? They give him the belt and then he can’t drop the belt in his own country? Give me a frickin break. By Vince doing the double cross Vince became the hottest thing in the business when all he did was take his belt back. He outdid everyone who walked away like Hulk and Bret.”

Quick Fire Thoughts:

Hulk Hogan – Right place, right time.

Bret Hart – Lucky.

John Cena – Johnny come lately.

Ric Flair – needed the belt.

Undertaker – One of a kind.

The Rock – Great.

Ultimate Warrior – (Laughs) Thats all I have to say.

To hear the rest of the interview where Steele talks about coming up with his ring name, facing Sammartino at MSG, The experience of WrestleMania 2 being in 3 cities, starring in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood and his faith and lack of involvement with wrestling in recent years, click here.

  • KingAlbert

    Devil rising is such a fucking delusional retard, it’s about George steele’s opinion not about your opinion or anything about ROH, get over yourself.

  • KingAlbert

    Devil rising is such a shit poster, Bret loves himself and you masturbate to him, GTFO homo,no one gives a care about you.

  • SYM

    @keylo come up with something New? Really? U come up with something New because u are always so quick to hop in someones shit when u are clearly irrelevant. Ur a Audience Member on this website, so sit the F*** down and let me Troll.

  • greg

    Now if only you put this much effort into getting a girlfriend…if only.

  • Devil_Rising


    I’m not an ROH fan, actually. I appreciate what they do, and like that they have actual WRESTLERS and focus on matches. But I’ve seen a couple of their PPVs, and think they need to improve in several areas. I just didn’t really get into it that much. I’m not a TNA mark, in fact I think their show is garbage most days, which is too bad, because they’ve had and have a lot of talented wrestlers. What I AM, is a long-time WWF fan who for the last several years has really not been into the product they’re presenting. I’ve been severely disappointed, in fact, by every single Wrestlemania since 25 on up. It’s just gone further and further downhill, to me. I love the old days, and even some things about the Attitude Era. Hell, even circa 2004/2005 was still pretty good. But love Cena or hate him, the product really did start declining once he became the new “guy”.

    I honestly don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation for my opinions, but I thought I’d clear that up, before the WWE/TNA marks on here actually I’m just some indy wrestling only fan. Though now that I think about it, I really fail to see how a single thing I had to say, had anything to do with ROH.

    @greatest one

    Honestly, I could care less. I have something to say, and I’ll say it. This isn’t Twitter. It allows me to write, and I’m a writer, so I’ll fuckin’ write. If people want to downvote my comments based strictly on the fact that they’re “too long, didn’t read”….that’s pretty damn silly. If someone doesn’t want to read what I have to say, then don’t fuckin’ read it. It’s that simple.

  • ant

    and Bret himself has said that EDGE is the best there is,best there was,and best there ever will be so you IWC marks need to get off the hitmans dick

  • ant

    i like how noone points out that had vince not screwed bret the whole mr mcmahon character wouldnt have came about then the feud between mr mcmahon and austin wouldnt have came about then who knows if tyere would have been an attitude era or if WCW would have won monday night wars im just sayin everything happens for a reason whether positive or negative and in that case the screwjob turned out positive well except for goldberg ending brets career but other than that i mean

  • poko


    I downvoted Devil_Rising. Not because I don’t think he was right about Bret being over, or Shawn being a jerk at that stage. Rather, because that has nothing to do with anything.

    It’s a pretend title. It’s not real. It’s just a plot device. Your boss says to give the belt to someone else, you give the belt to someone else. It belongs to Vince McMahon, period. Not to the employee that McMahon let wear it for awhile. It never should have been in issue in the first place. They “screwed” Bret, but they shouldn’t have HAD to screw Bret. I don’t care how big you are, you don’t tell your boss what you’re going to do with his property.

    But, the thing is, as Steele pointed out, that was one of the best things to ever happen to Vince McMahon or the WWE(F). It absolutely MADE him as a heel promoter. He wouldn’t take that moment back for anything.

    And no, Bret Hart didn’t make Shawn Michaels into a star. Shawn Michaels, love him or hate him, was going to be a star anyway. To imply otherwise sounds like sour grapes. Yes, it was the biggest match of Shawn’s career, but it was also the biggest match of Bret’s career, as well–he was much more famous and over after that than before. If he hadn’t suffered that career-ending concussion, who knows what he could have done with that popularity?

    So, yeah, the whole thing is something of a joke.

  • Ricardo

    @Devil_Rising: Congratulations – it’s the best piece of opinion writing I’ve ever seen in web blogs. You are spot on, so much so that you get lots of thumbs down by moronic IWC marks.

  • keylo

    To the 7 who down voted Devil_Rising please explain why ? as not sticking up for him but what he said is true are, yous that much fan boys of HBK that you cant hear the truth about him ? and SYM come the fuck up with something new you dickhead as thats all you seem to reply to him “ROH” jesus what age are you 5 ?

    HBK was a selfish prick, he even admitted to it on their sit down part of their feud Doc with him and Bret talking to JR as even JR looked shocked when HBK said he was.

  • scooter

    Just to clarify I respect Georges opinion on the issue guy is a legend in his own right but even if the match was rehearsed a lot I still loved it different people have different opinions.

  • Greatest one

    Devil you get a negative for writing so much

  • SYM

    @Devil_Rising no need to Blog about ur love for ROH. But I will agree that Bret Hart is One of a Kind.

  • Devil_Rising


    Shut the fuck up dude. Seriously. You probably weren’t even old enough to be watching WWF wrestling back in the 90s when Bret was their TOP GUY. WWE acts today like HBK carried the load in the mid-90s. But the truth is, HBK didn’t draw. Bret Hart did. Hart was the one who was huge in Canada, huge in India, huge in Japan, huge WORLDWIDE. He wasn’t just popular in America like Shawn. And Bret wasn’t a selfish piece of shit who only put his friends over like Shawn either.

    Shawn has pretty much ADMITTED that he was in the wrong, and that Bret was right, that he was in fact an asshole. Bret MADE Shawn at WM12. He didn’t have to do that. He could have politiced and insisted that he retain HIS title. But he didn’t. He dropped the belt in a great match to a very ungrateful, snot-nosed SOB by the name of Shawn Michaels, who then proceeded to immediately tell the ref to “Get him the fuck out of MY ring”. Nice gratitude for putting HBK over in the biggest match of his career, before or since, eh?

    If you don’t know the whole story, you might want to keep your mouth shut (so to speak, considering it’s the internet). Not trying to be rude, but to say that Hart was overrated is a joke. He was absolutely the best wrestler of his generation, and many vets before him, and even many of his peers, have said so. He carried WWF on his back after that steroid scandal. Let’s make no mistake, he was already becoming a big star, he didn’t get “lucky”. He would have become WWF champion eventually anyway, just based on how good and how popular he was getting. But the fact is, Vince needed someone who DIDN’T look like Hogan and Warrior (a roided up freak), and so he put the belt on the best guy on his roster (even WHEN those guys were around).

    And guess what? Ratings weren’t down because of Bret. They were down because people turned sour on wrestling in general anyway in the early 90s, because of those scandals. Truth is, Vince should have gone to jail, because while he may not have personally handed wrestlers steroids, he had the “doctor” who provided them and other drugs in the locker room there, he knew about it, and he encouraged all of his wrestlers to get “BIG”. Because we all know Vince loves “BIG”. He avoided prison because Hogan bailed him out in court, but he avoided the WWF going out of business, because of Bret Hart. Period.

    And as for what Steele has to say….you know what, he’s a veteran, a “legend”, so he can say whatever he wants. But for him to say Bret was “lucky”, or that the Screwjob was fake, or that the Steamboat/Savage match at WMIII “lacked psychology”……well that’s his opinion, but he honestly doesn’t sound like he knows what he’s talking about.

  • KingAblert

    George Steele sounds like a smart man.

  • scooter

    Hmm the idea of psychology in wrestling is to further the story of the match and I would say the story of Savage/Steamboat was that of a guy who was climbing the ranks was ready to seize his oppurtunity and do whatever it takes where as Savage knew this guy was the biggest threat he had ever faced and again had to go all out and do whatever it takes to win. So yes I would say they made brilliant use of psycology! Too many people think that psychology is just working an arm or a leg, Pretty sure Jake Roberts would disagree!

  • Greg

    Brett Hart was overrated and a sore loser.