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WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young Taken Off Life Support Last Night

– Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post & Courier in South Carolina reports that WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young was taken off life support Wednesday night. He wrote on Twitter:

“Sad news to report. Received word tonight that #MaeYoung has been taken off life support. Prayers for this grand lady of wrestling.”


    He never said she was still alive either. Just said prayers for this grand lady of wrestling. I mean u dnt presume someone’s still alive after u say that. He didnt have this joyous opening to his sentence like he was happy either he started it off sad news. So who wouldn’t believe she dead after that.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    They transported her from the hospital to hospice last week.

  • daniel

    I read in a report she was in renal failure so that is pretty much a massive nail in the coffin that is how my father passed I remember asking the doctors if there was anything to be done to reverse the renal failure and the doctors response was there is nothing to be done it is often fatal.

  • Johhny

    Life support= your brain=once they took her off off the oxygen(life support) Shes dead.Unless she is superhuman and just all of a sudden comes back,bro shes gone

  • The Killswitch

    Someone of her age doesn’t hold on too long, so people are naturally presumptuous. I agree though, I’d rather not sentence someone to death prematurely.

  • Will Henderson

    why are people assuming she has passed on. he didn’t say she has passed away. plus sometimes people don’t die as soon as they pull the pull on her. she could still be alive still breathing her last breaths on her own. will end up being the first to announce she has passed. we will find out

  • Will Henderson

    Mike Mooneyhan reported it over the weekend. he the one who’s been bringing us updates on Mae’s condition in the last week,

  • William

    They should do a 10 bell salute on RAW for her.

  • JohnCena33

    When was she even on it? I thought she was released. Sad news, RIP.

  • bb

    Rip mae young thanks for great memorial wrestling.