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WWE Hall of Famer Says He’s Done Watching WWE

– After watching Friday’s SmackDown, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham says he’s done watching WWE, posting the following on his Facebook page:

Hello Facebook friends,

This message will be my last as I have decided after watching the entire Smackdown show that aired Friday night May 30th, that I am wasting my time viewing the WWE shows. There are of course many very good matches and hard-working top guys out there performing for you fans. To quote 2 lines from Bob Dylan’s ” Wedding Song ” tune, sum’s up my position perfectly, ” It’s never been my duty to remake the world at large…. Nor is it my intention to lead a battle charge. ”

It is not my job and I have no business to critique or pass along any negative judgment on the WWE. Believe me there are plenty of critics around to opine on the state of the WWE.

Last night when I saw Bo Dallas running around the ring acting like an idiot and hugging his opponent Xavier Woods when the match was over I wanted to vomit. Then here come the effeminate Pete Rose sucking on a lollipop, followed by maybe 15 of his circus troupe of freaks and geek’s, he gives me the creeps. Then came the dwarf El Torito dressed in a children’s bull costume who proceeds to pin a normal size wrestler. By then I did indeed vomit.

I get intelligent responses from my Facebook friends and then I get ignorant ones like this one from from Dan Pedreyra who wrote about Cesaro and I quote ” Give Cesaro time to develop, he’s learning, he’s hanging out with Cena.” Who the F is Cena ? God ? I will tell you who got it right in her response and that is Jaynie Mullins Mullins, who said and I quote, ” The WWE is now the WWZZZZZZZZZZ. ”


Superstar Billy Graham

  • Kristoffer Binder

    except he he has tons mroe moves than 5. All wrestlers have their own set of “moves of doom”. Watch and learn. List any wrestler today and elt me watch a few of his/her matches if i havent seen them and will list them to you

  • viperrules

    Bo Dallas is a cartoon wrestler. just like adam rose and there are few others. Kane is on a rampage why because his movie see no evil 2 is coming this year 2014. just like in year 2006 when his see no evil movie release. if he is true demon then he must destroy 1. wyatt family 2. the shield 3. mark henry 4. the great khali. 5. daniel 6. brock lesnar if he can’t do that. then he must leave wwe for good. just like undertaker ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jason Lentini

    Negative. I’m not the one who’s complaining, talking about vomiting, then saying I’m done watching WWE. Superstar used to be the man. It honestly seems like since he had his hip replaced years and was forced to retire (with the exception of him being Don “The Rock” Muraco’s manager/advisor and being inducted into the WWE HOF) he became very bitter. He’s even threatened on at least one occasion to throw away or sell his HOF ring.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion but as I said he seems rather bitter with the way he came across with his wording about WWE wrestlers … ummm Superstars (and calling Adam Rose Pete Rose which I did get a laugh out of) & singling facebook people out.

    He even said “It is not my job and I have no business to critique or pass
    along any negative judgment on the WWE. Believe me there are plenty of
    critics around to opine on the state of the WWE”

    His post indeed sounds like a critique and passing judgement so its rather hypocritical of him to say that then go forth and say what he said.

  • Stock Shark

    No but you do!

  • Jason Lentini

    Sounds like he’s bitter and/or jealous.

  • Hog316

    Cena has 5 moves. If I went to wrestling school and Cena was my teacher, I’d be the best ever in one week. Learn one move a day. Done! And I can hang out Saturday and Sunday.

  • rabid

    If that how you read his comments that fine for you.. its open to interpretation.. I personally think hes saying the the product in general has become somewhat sickening bc of the fact that every other wrestler has a gooofy gimmic that good for pops but not good for a long term wrestler.. take the matadors great tag team who could have a amazing run with the titles but with there goofy little bull to pull cheap pops theyve been booked into a way too long fued with the jobbers 3mb that has no end in sight

  • Iosos Rezorek

    No he are calling the Gay(Adam Rose) and Stupid(Bo Dallas) pretty much saying that wrestling is for manly type men, and not people who hug and dance around in feminine ways

  • Shawn OB

    Oh yeah!

  • Starship__Pain

    Cesaro… Learning? from Cena? BUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Please, somebody kill that idiot, for God sake. Cesare is a real wrestler. He’s an experienced guy like Bryan Danielson or CM Punk.Not some stupid looking ape face idiot who uses steroids and repeats a stupid junior high quote like “You can’t see me”.

  • D2K

    Why on Earth would you determine that Superstar Billy Graham ‘JUST’ watched Smackdown this past Friday, has never watched ANY OTHER WWE programming EVER and used that particular show ALONE as his determining factor as to why he no longer is interested in watching WWE?

    Is it even possible for people to even ATTEMPT to make a point without using straw-man arguments anymore?

    And your point doesn’t even make sense. “Smackdown is a B show.”

    O_o…yeah and?

    Smackdown is a ‘WWE’ show. There is no brand-split anymore. The same stars that appear on RAW appear on Smackdown. That being said, quality programming is quality programming. Smackdown has always been the “B” show since day one in 1999, but from the close of the Attitude Era and all throughout the Ruthless Aggression era it was consistently the more entertaining show.

    The entire product is terrible right now. Not just Smackdown. That’s why I don’t watch it. WWE has spread itself way too thin and it is showing up in the product as the booking is horrendous, the story-lines lack focus, and the wrestlers are just going through the motions.

    Actually I think SBG was a little too nice in his dissertation.

  • Andrew Kloman

    Why on Earth would you watch an episode of SmackDown! to determine if you’ll watch WWE again,it is the B show for a reason, it hasn’t been any good since the brand extension closed.

  • ddfindl

    But then you would miss the whole show…

  • rabid

    Some of the gimmicks they give these guys are horrible and I think that part of the point hes attempting to make.. adam rose and bo dallas being thise are going to end up being santino and fandango 2.0.. theyre gonna end up comic relief and its kinna painful to watch

  • Shawn OB

    Hey, DVR it then FF through all the parts that suck. Don’t people who DVR it don’t show up for ratings?

  • Keith Learmonth

    He already sold the ring on Ebay.

  • Keith Learmonth

    So… he’s not watching anymore because:
    1) Doesn’t like the fact that a heel does annoying things
    2) Is homophobic, assumes Adam Rose is gay, and dislikes people who are not part of the mainstream
    3) Didn’t enjoy a segment that’s made to entertain children.
    4) Inexplicably hates Cesaro
    5) Somehow doesn’t know who Cena is.

    He makes the IWC’s least thought out arguments seem slightly sane.

  • iambj2005

    seems its that time a year again when billy gram says hes not going to watch or give up his hof ring well I say stop watching and send the ring back. He is just a bitter old man who feels the business has passed him by.

  • Hasan

    Haha! Sounds like a typical IWC member rant. “I am done with WWE yada yada”