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WWE Hall of Famer Scheduled For Raw, More On Questionable Sin Cara T-Shirt

— WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young is tentatively scheduled for tonight’s Raw SuperShow in Columbia, South Carolina. She resides in the area and was asked to appear at the show this morning.

— It was reported earlier that pulled a newly released Sin Cara T-Shirt which featured the shape of a phallus embedded in a gold design. No one within WWE knows how the product made its way through several stages before being put on the website. According to people who ordered the T-Shirt during the few hours it was available, they were notified that their order would not be processed and would have the option of receiving credit or a full refund.

— WWE’s video release on Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio – The Life of a Masked Man, airs on iN DEMAND pay-per-view next month.


  • venom

    Ric Flair and Hogan will be doing what Mae Young is doing.

  • KGM Da Master

    Mae Young haters can suck Sin Cara penis shirt! Lol for real though, who cares if shes 99 and can still entertain? Its not like shes doung something to wrestling that is degrading or even out of the norm. Id rather watch Mae then some corny skit with Mr. Lordarthritis! He needs to be pulled as GM and Mae needs to recieve the position. Also, she is more fluid than Hogan and Flair because she didnt use miracle juice and kept her body in good condition. Peace

  • voice of reason

    @ statix good one

  • Philly655

    i need that t-shirt dammit 🙁

  • Statix901

    I guess his moves are a little “stiff.”

  • Unique

    Anyone that doesnt see what is coming with Mae Youngis an idiot….ummmm Mark Henry anyone. probably give birth again…..

  • voice of reason

    well they really made i cock up on the shirt i wonder who vince yells at they must feel like a real dick over this.

    @ everyone if you can make any penis puns to add to mine i look forward to the read. so be imaginitive because i’m laughing my head off here.

  • TS93

    Fuck! I wanted the penis shirt! Lmao

  • Statix901

    Even his shirt is a botch

  • Aasi

    The shirt can be seen here
    Penis is on the bottom, the funny thing is Sin Cara whole body looks like a penis!

  • ##

    WTF is a Phallus?? Just say penis,cock or private for gods sake.

  • bonerjams

    Mae young is classic!
    Anyone remember the pancake boobs?

  • Bill

    Calm down, Mae Young isn’t THAT bad. Last time she showed up, she swore & got away with it. She basically defied Vinc McMahon, which is fine by me.

  • The mark

    Mae is going to reunite Mark Henry with his child – Hand.

  • Kyle

    And yet she can still move better then hogan

  • renz

    god really? why do we need to see her? none of us actually care about her! typical wrestler trying to hold the limelight when she can barely move

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Unless they are going to bring back the UT (which they aren’t) to give Mae Young the tombstone piledriver, please don’t bother. It’s b*****t like this (potentiially) that make true wrestling (that dirty word) fans sick.

  • Joe

    The Sin Cara Negro Penis t-shirt is available as well, XXL only.