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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

– Look for Batista to make more appearances on Monday Night RAW for the next few weeks and for John Cena to make more SmackDown appearances while they do the build for WrestleMania.

– It’s expected that WWE will be announcing the first name for the 2010 Hall of Fame on this coming Monday’s RAW.

– A WWE source reports that the company may not know yet exactly what they’re going to do with the ECW Title when NXT debuts and most likely current ECW Champion Christian will end up on the SmackDown brand.

  • Beards

    Here is how I see things panning out…Christian moves over to Smackdown to take on Edge and Chris Jericho for the title. For wrestlemania here is my card:

    Tag Team John Cena & Bret Hart vs Batista & Vince
    Undertaker v HBK
    Chris Jericho v Edge v Christian
    HHH v Sheamus
    McIntrye v Miz
    Mickie James v McCool
    Maryse v Melina
    William Regal v Kozlov for NXT title

  • DK Monster

    You people aren’t getting this right.
    Vince was always skeptical about Christian’s ability as
    a main eventer.
    All of us peeps have been ranting about giving him an \
    opportunity in the WWE, but Vince remained skeptical and
    put him on ECW on test.
    Well, for the last year or so that he’s been on ECW, he’s
    been holding the title for the majority of the time,
    he’s been constantly getting spots on every PPVs defending
    his title against different opponents and finally has
    proven that he is INDEED a Main-event material.
    He’s moving up the ladders now whether it’s on SD or Raw.
    SD is more likely destination with possble feuds with
    Jericho, CM Punk and Batista are available and possbile
    reunion with Edge is another option for him.
    Matt Hardy has better chance of becoming World champion
    than Christian?? What program have you been watching?
    When was the last time Matt had a spot in a PPV?
    I think it was Wrestlemania XXV. He lasted 10 seconds in
    the Rumble match while Christian took a bulk muscle no talent guy and took him on for nearly 20 minutes and
    created an entertaining match. That’s the talent difference
    between the two men right there.
    All of peeps will rise when Christian FINALLY gets into
    major brand

  • CC

    Are some of you people really that stupid? If he had a better deal at TNA, he would not have left. Simple fact is, he probably gets paid a lot more to be a mid carder in WWE than he got to be a main eventer in TNA.
    And lets face it, who here would not leave a job to go somewhere else to do the same job and get paid more?

  • baddog_1_2k

    christian is nothing in wwe and never will be. In Tna he was the champ because he was a name in in wwe he’s just another mid-card talent. Matt Hardy will be a world champion in wwe before christian.



  • i love hulk hogan

    Ecw is a jole and always has been a joke so christian goin somewhere is str8 crack ya smells me. By the way I love hulk hogan

  • d

    The ECW championship will most likely turn into a WWE/WHC shot for whoever has it at the time, most likely Christian. Edge vs. Jericho vs. Christian for the WHC @ WM26!!!

  • rk0

    @Fata Morgana

    Batista vs John Cena fighting in the midcard? You’re kidding right? They aren’t the 2 best wrestlers in the company…but when the fued is surrounding the Vince/Bret fued, there is no way that fued is going to be a “midcard” fued.

  • speedy23

    they should have christian go for a main title. kind of a “hey, they took mine away, i want another” sort of thing. edge vs christian vs taker/sheamus/whoever wins elimination chamber. that’d be a main event worth seeing at mania.

  • tRey2k

    Wow, besides RKO above me, i really couldn’t understand a damn thing anybody else was saying. I’m pretty sure they teach you how to use commas and periods in grade school, right? Thought so.

  • rko

    I am glad Christian is going away from ecw since the ecw title has been absoulutely meaningless for a long time. Now he can finally get into some good feuds on smackdown. A feud with Mcyntire for the intercontinetal title would be a good start.

  • scooter

    just give christian the world title he should have had it by now anyway if I were christian I’d make it clear I got a better deal elsewhere because then vince will have to either push him or when his contract runs out he can go back to TNA

  • Fata Morgana

    Batista vs John Cena at WrestleMania…mmh i dont like them, as long as they are not in the Main Event at W.Mania, they can fight against each other in the mid-card all they want

    Finally Christian is in the right place where he belongs.

  • Jamie

    ECW championship to be contested under hardcore rul… oh wait, its PG now.

  • WWE/FCW fan

    i was actually ghoping for christian to be on RAW as RAW seems to be a little empty with wrestlers unlike smackdown RAW seems to be really stacked all of a sudden and now creative are planning on having mercury on smackdown too and thats my point

    seriously when was the last tie someone actually debuted on RAW without coming from ECW or sd prob nearly a year ago atleast bring burchill on the raw roster as he isnt even on a brand anyways christian on raw would be good either way

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