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How WWE Handled Lilian Garcia’s Announcing Mistake On SmackDown

During Tuesday’s SmackDown taping at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, ring announcer Lilian Garcia erroneously introduced Zack Ryder as “Long Island Iced Z, Jack Swagger” for his match against Jack Swagger. On Friday’s broadcast, which has already aired overseas, the mistake is edited out in place of a voice-over of Garcia correctly introducing Ryder.

It is the third time in recent weeks where WWE’s production team has had to cover for Garcia bungling a ring introduction on SmackDown. At the February 14 show, she botched her introduction of Jey and Jimmy Uso for their tag team match against Epico and Primo. WWE had Garcia record a voice-over following the taping. During the following week’s live show, she erroneously introduced Raw Interim General Manager and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis as “General Manager of Monday Night Raw and Interim (pause) Talent Relations Mr. John Laurinaitis.” This led Michael Cole to berate Garcia on-air over her miscue as he questioned her employment with WWE. The announcing error, as well as Cole’s subsequent rant, was cut out of the episode’s replay.

Following the conclusion of Tuesday’s taping, John Cena denounced Garcia’s ring announcing ability in front of the live audience by saying “she looks absolutely beautiful but doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing.” He then had Tony Chimel properly introduce Ryder since he’s a professional and “knows what he’s doing.”

  • TheProudRepublican

    Be a Star is horseshit. They’re against bullying but they bully their own employees. Not to mention that fat slob Big Slow claiming there’s no bullying in the WWE. Hypocrisy at its finest. Fuck WWE and fuck the McMahons, bunch of closet liber-tards.

  • JayHawk

    And they say that the WWE is against bullying? I guess they will stop when some kid is reading something in front of the whole school and some kid comes up and says you have no idea what you are doing. And the teachers say that is bullying where did you get that. “I saw it on wrestling and john cena said it is okay hoeski”

  • Little Jimmy

    I’d atchually hire Mike Adamle as a ring announcer. come on! WWE are in need of an injection of humour. WWE should hire me as Executive Vice President of Comedic Relations.
    I’d make R-Truth a main eventer With Hornswoggle revealed as the REAL Little Jimmy.
    Booker T as Backstage interviewer, Head Commentator, Raw GM, SD GM, COO, Chairman.
    Boogeyman would return.
    The Great Khali would retire and become a commentator.
    Mike Adamle would be head ring announcer
    Ron Simmons would return and say DAMN at every chance
    William Regal would be repackaged as Big Willy a “straight up gangsta trippin” Rap Superstar
    Ricardo Rodriguez would get a huge push, Has a weekly segment of saying “Alberto Del Rio” for five minutes
    Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk will star in a WWE network reality exclusive ” Life Swap”
    Teddy Long will have an angle similar to Mr McMahon’s illegitimate son angle where it’s revealed Sheamus Is his son.
    Lastly The Funkasaurus will win the WWE title and rebrand it as the Disco Championship a title which is decided by the victor’s Funky Dance Moves.

  • LSC

    LOL I like Cena, but man B.A Star?

  • Alex Smith

    Jason mom is the best co*k sucking bit*ch going

  • Chris

    She’s been with the company for how long? Sure she took a break, but c’mon…this is supposed to be a professional show, how many years has she been at this and she messes up three weeks in a row?

  • Best In The World

    so she screwd up big deal she knows what shes doing in there

  • dd

    michael buffer for every match haha

  • angel z

    never believe the bully message thing. never corporate bully.

  • Whatever

    It’s funny (and sad) to see people cheer when it became clear that she would come back and now when she is back people are like “whatever” or calling her bad etc.

    Strange world isn’t it?

  • moo

    she should sue.

  • joe2

    Maybe Mr. Excitement will give her one of his Future Endeavored t-shirts

  • im a bad man

    I agree about the fink being the best. I got his autograph when they came to seattle like 10 years ago. when wwe raw was on tnn. The very same night matt turned on jeff for the 1st time. And the night stacey keibler did the table dance on the announce booth. The good ol days

  • Starship Pain

    And after that, John Cena went to record around 5 “Be A Star” promos, to sign for another motivational crap purple t-shirt, and to the ‘Make a Wish” foundation… Way to go, idiot…

  • chronoxiong

    I wonder why she got hired back in the first place.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    John Cena telling someone they don’t know what the hell they’re doing is laughable. Pot calling the kettle black there. Oh please John, show us more of your amazing skills like your top-rope Rocker Dropper, and your spectacular dropkick, etc. Fucking goof. Plus that’s just a real dick thing to do to Garcia. You expect that shit out of a little turd like Cole, but Mr. Role Model Cena? Mr. Good Guy? And Chimel blows too. Finkus Maximus 4 life!!!!!

  • D2K

    Maybe she spotted Charlies Haas in the crowd and got nervous?

  • emerson

    I can see why wwe would do this, your on the road with these guys all the time and you work for the company and you can’t get there names right? that’s a little ridiculous, her of all people should know the talent.

  • zach

    wwe is prob pissed that she left to do a singing career that went no where

  • Hank

    Be A Star at its finest!

  • Jason

    @Bill No doubt he is

  • Bill

    Honestly, I still think Howard Finkel is the best announcer of all time!

  • Dave

    Be A Star.