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WWE Not Happy with CM Punk After Departure from the Company, Rumor on Possible Action

– WWE officials are not happy with CM Punk and the way everything has went down with his departure. It’s said that there are definitely issues between them right now.

While it may appear that Punk’s contract ended and everything went smooth, that’s not the case and WWE does not see it like that. This is not confirmed to happen but there is definitely a feeling that something may be happening on WWE’s end soon, possibly some kind of consequences for Punk for how he left the company.

Source: PWInsider

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    Grow up.

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  • Tired of Hearing Punk Chants

    I agree so much with you on this. I can’t say I’m a Punk fan at all, and to be honest, no matter what the cause, I don’t respect his decision to walk out on the company that has essentially made him a household name. I don’t know why people are still chanting his name or referring to him as the best, since plenty others who (in my humble opinion) are so much better than him are still fighting to in the spot that he walked out on. If he is still accepting their money, then that is nothing short of disgraceful.

  • Tired of Hearing Punk Chants

    They should take action, as they have every right too. He left them hours before he was supposed to continue a program that had some build behind it already, causing them to have to re-write the show, all because of his ego. It’s not a bad thing to have an ego, but I’ll refer back to an interview with the Big Show. He basically said that “If you’re not willing to do something for the company because of your ego, then something’s wrong.” and I feel that’s the case here. I’m playing the Devil’s Advocate here, but they should have taken action immediately, and not held on to this false hope that he was coming back. If he really left to allow his body to heal, he certainly wouldn’t have walked out in the fashion he did, so I don’t believe that at all. If you take into consideration the fact that he wanted to main event Mania, and didn’t get his way, it’s much more plausible for me to believe he walked out over that, not being burnt out.

  • Jmister28

    What is it with these guy CM Bitch fans , you guys wont get off CM Bitches Dick, the guy is a fucking drama queen , he always has been, ever since he did his first pipe bomb,i dont even know why you guys like punk to begin with, i will say he is a hell of a wrestler but personally i think he is a peace of shit, all the guy does is talk shit about wrestling fans that he meets and now all he does is talk shit about the WWE even do they made him and the fans of course, im not a big Cena fan either but at least you got to give it to the guy when the fans talk shit about him he never ever talks shit about them back ,got to give Cena respect for that , i don’t respect CM bitches for nothing , you got to give respect to get it back and one more thing about punk i have never herd the fucker say thanks to the fans for any support on tv , at least Hogan , The Rock, Cena and other guys have,Punk really thinks his bigger then wrestling now , fuck that cock sucker.

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    I think you worded the first part of your comment incorrectly.

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  • Kingfozzy

    Going by my own personal experiences with this site in the past, very little is monitored on here. Seems like you can say whatever you want, vulgar or not. Call people names, fling your poo, throw dirt, whatever. It’s all fair game on here and I think it’s disgusting but at the same time it’s very humorous and entertaining.

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    Even though you labeled me a “troll” in the recent past, I’m over that because I know that’s not the case anyway and you were in the wrong for labeling me as such. Oh well, sh*t happens. Hate on me all you want, I’m just being real with you. So moving along, I just wanted to say here that I agree with you 100% on the Punk situation. For the most part the WWE doesn’t need Punk and likewise he doesn’t need them either. I wish things could have gone differently for Punk and the WWE, but it’s done and over now.

  • Stock Shark

    They fire people all the time for real I’m not talking about on TV!

  • Stock Shark

    Really is this site monitored at all are you really going to allow this kind of post? Cant wait to post my next message then!!!

  • The_Machokid

    Whether or not he is truly standing up for his beliefs depends on if he has been cashing the checks WWE have been sending without fulfilling his contract. If he’s said screw you and your money then massive props, because you can’t put a price on your principles. However; if he’s taken the money and thrown a hissy fit, then he’s a disgrace to the sport her declares to be the best in the world at

  • Solid

    That’s because you don’t leave them, they leave you.

    WWE has always been dirty on talent leaving on their own accord, contracts notwithstanding.

  • Solid Snake

    They wont take further action because Punk is the type to talk bad about the company, airing out there dirty laundry and all. From a legal stand point they can only not pay him royalties anymore. Also CM Punk owns the rights to his name so he can always use it.

  • D2K

    There have been “Issues” between CM Punk and WWE management for 3 years. Even IF he breached his contract (which has not been confirmed by anybody with confirmed access to that information) the only ‘action’ they can take against him is to not pay him royalties for anything regarding the CM Punk name anymore, similar to what happened to Austin. It’s pretty transparent at this point that he is not concerned about such things. He’s got about 7 mil in the bank, hes handled his money well, and he can invest and live a conformable life.

    WWE has moved on. CM Punk and moved on. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • When they fire people it’s part of a storyline, this was not part of a storyline.

  • Timothy Davis

    Well he walked out on his contract and they can probably take legal action to get the amount of money he was paid back. Id assume. Whether its fair or not and how they release folks. The talents sign the contracts and agree to the terms so they can’t complain even if it sucks.

  • Stock Shark

    Not a big CM Punk fan but stand up for him for standing up for himself and his beliefs !

  • Stock Shark

    So they can fire all the Superstars they want and it’s cool in their eyes but when one quits on them it’s like OMG can someone do this to the almighty WWE? That would be YES YES YES you GO Punk!!