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WWE Not Happy with Reaction to The Undertaker’s Loss?, Brie & Bryan’s Wedding, Warrior DVD

Undertaker Streak Ended 21 - 1

– We’ve heard reports of WWE’s new Ultimate Warrior DVD and Blu-ray being sold out in North American stores.

– WWE’s website notes that Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, John Cena, Tyson Kidd, Jimmy Uso and Cesaro were present for Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s wedding at the L’Auberge de Sedona resort and spa in Sedona, Arizona on Friday. We also know that NXT trainer Sara Del Rey was in attendance. She has been rumored to be dating or engaged to Cesaro, for what it’s worth. Cesaro has also been friends with Bryan for years.

– There was a feeling backstage at WrestleMania XXX that Vince McMahon and others did not get the fan reaction they were looking for when The Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar. The shock was there but they may have been looking for a more appropriate send-off for Taker.

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  • Qinno

    Taker’s usual come and fight then get defeated at WM routine did not need build-up, but since the Streak was going to be broken, it needed far more build-up. This way, the shock of the crowd was the only thing memorable, Taker left WM, more in shame, rather than an entire crowd thanking him truly, people were too shocked to react…

  • Dryst

    The streak should end in WM 21.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I love how people keeping disrespecting Brock Lasner for the one to end the streak like he really cares. Like Paul Heyman said on Raw Brock is not in WWE to put smile on your faces he here to put tears in children face and he probably means the bigger children to if you know what I mean. I really have no problem with Brock Lasner being the one to end the streak it is believable that he could do it to. I really love the Undertaker to me everything sooner or later must come to a end even the streak. I have no problem with Lasner being the one because he can carry the burden of being the one because he don’t care if he is hated not here to win a popularity contest he here in the WWE to win matches.

  • B. T.

    I digress, I’m not like the majority of the trolling underworld of the IWC. All I did was voice my side of things regarding this subject and in return I am getting the gangbang treatment from a bunch of community college part-timers. I wouldn’t want to be a villain to all you super intelligent rasslin’ experts, so I’ll bow out of this discussion now with each and every one of you on here and you can resume your normal lives of inhabiting these comments boards like you own them.

  • B. T.

    Yes dimwit, I have read plenty on here regarding WrestleMania weekend but please I’m begging you to keep your hard-on for the Undertaker IN your pants. FYI: Many of these “reports” on here are nothing more than dirtsheet rumors. It has also been “reported” that the Undertaker and Michelle McCool have decided to adopt Malaysian albino triplets. Are you going to believe that too? If Undertaker truly did not want to end the streak, he would never have agreed to the match, period.

  • Seth Becker

    A few things. “Well warranted, predetermined, furthermore, and predetermined” do not help your argument seem intelligent when you consistently use “that” in place of “who”. Who is used for people while that is used for other things.

    Undertaker is not my favorite wrestler, and I felt he should have retired undefeated at Wrestlemania years ago.

    Yes, you are a villain in my eyes when you resort to name calling.

    And no one was asking the scriptwriters to cater to some small minority’s opinion on what should have happened. Surely you are intelligent enough to understand it was a majority of wrestling fans who did not want to see Lesner be the one who breaks the streak.

    That’s all I have; look forward to seeing what names you choose for me.

  • Tracy Durham

    Sounds to me like you should read more, and you call us “Dimwits” . Yes it was reported that Taker had no plans of ending the streak to Lesnar and was only informed of the change after arriving on scene for WM.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    probably because it was stupid, the match itself was mediocre and he lost to a part time johnny come lately like Lesnar who doesn’t really give a damn about the WWE

  • Johhny

    steph is not happy…she and hhh are ruining..i mean running this show now…no i am not talking on screen….

  • Johhny

    i will agree ….but Takers name alone draws money i honestly do not think that they need any build up because like i said the undertaker will draw no matter what…the streak breaking will mess wm all up next year simply because that was why most of has watched the past 20 years was for taker

  • Johhny

    yet you have him lose to brock leasner….yet you wanted a bigger reaction lmao…Undertakers choice or not it was dumb

  • B. T.

    So…you’re going to point the finger of shame at me for using the word dimwit to describe a bunch of sheepish people that don’t have enough logic to let things be. Undertaker lost, plain and simple. I too don’t overly agree with how they handled it this year, but it is what it is. And lest you not forget that the Undertaker himself is the person that wanted to keep wrestling each year at WrestleMania. Nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to get in the ring. I guess I’m some sort of villain in your eyes on the basis that I chose to speak my mind on a particular topic albeit with the use of name calling. So short-minded of you to fail to realize however that calling these people dimwits is well warranted. Pissing and moaning because they’re upset that their favorite wrestler lost a predetermined wrestling match is very childish. First of all, professional wrestling is a business. People foolishly don’t seem to understand that the script writers can’t cater to each and every fans personal preferences. Furthermore, my using the word dimwit is a far cry from some of the language and terminology that other people use on the internet. I didn’t use any vulgarity nor did I make any threats. Go wave your red flag at somebody else and get off my back because there is far worse out there in cyberspace going on than my harmless comments.

  • If anyone is the “dimwit”, it’s you, for calling others dimwits on the faceless internet. And, I happen to think Taker should have retired years ago, and that him hanging on and continuing to wrestle as he was was sad. I should have never had to see an aging, slowed, shaved-head Undertaker still desperately trying to pull out one match a year. He should have kept to his own principles, and not hung on past his mid-40s.

  • B. T.

    So to me it sounds like all of you dimwits on here seem to think that the Undertaker was going to keep doing WrestleMania every year until he’s 75. Keep the streak going until he’s dead in the middle of the ring, is that what you all had in mind?! Sounds pretty selfish to me. Regardless of who broke the streak, you’d all be on hearing pissing and moaning about it for some reason or another. It’s done, get over it. The man is not a machine, he’s a human being. I haven’t read any reports as to the Undertaker being upset about having to give up the streak. If he’s not unhappy with it, then none of you dumb marks should be either. 21-1 still sounds pretty damn impressive to me.

  • Qinno

    First of all, Undertaker should have never lost to anyone at Wrestlemania.
    Second, a part-timer like Lesnar should have not been the one to break the streak if we ever would of discussed this topic. Someone young, fresh, with more to gain should have won.
    Third, Undertaker did not seem match fit, he should of retired.
    Fourth, the match was total crap, nothing worth watching… I mean, until the end, it was boring bs.
    Fifth, there was no build-up at least as CM Punk had last year. This was a match out of the blue in build-up, fans speculated on this for months, that was all.
    Sixth, with no build-up there was no emotion, the match did not feel special at all.
    Seventh, the so called build-up was total crap, made by a 2-year old.
    Eighth, no one actually cared about the match, they cared about the streak, the WWE managed to take that away, that is why people were stunned.
    Ninth, why give Cena a win and Taker a loss? Who’s legacy deserved more? They had to have a heel win, but Bray would have been more significant than Lesnar’s.
    Tenth, the WWE’s next Wrestlemania will be crap without the Streak. Royal Rumble and Money and the Bank feel more special actually.

  • Robbie Murphy

    explain how a part timer who has no love for the sport is the right choice ?

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Loss of a Streak, gaining of a severe concussion for Taker… and WWE isn’t satisfied because of the crowd reaction? Selfish Son’s of Bitches!!

  • mustang

    These sources gives me the sh*ts when I read this crap. First of all, were they even present with management when they were discussing this matter. 2nd is this source the same ppl that keep on saying sting has signed on??? All of this is horse crap.

  • D2K

    Just another example of how WWE management exists in their ‘own’ reality.

  • Well what the fuck did they expect? They never should have had Taker lose to ANYONE by that point, and he should have retired after 20-0. End of fucking story.

  • Will Henderson

    the people were pissed that Taker lost to the wrong man in their minds. but in my mind, Brock’s the right choice since he’s a heel and needs to be heel for life and him ending the streak is enough to get the “heel for life” branding.

  • Shawn OB

    What? They were so shocked, good enough. And plus with the reported concussion the only thing Taker can do is just stand there. He didn’t even do that single hand raise before leaving so he hadn’t scooped anything out from the fans there. All due respect if course.

  • Alan

    Those guys can be so out of touch with what fans want…fans are pissed…no one wanted the streak to end…

  • Omar

    What the F were they expecting?!