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WWE Headed to Mexico Without Mysterio, RAW/SD Dark Main Events, More

– Here are some numbers from the SmackDown brand’s recent tour of Europe:

* April 14th in Munich, Germany drew 4,000 fans.
* April 15th in Dortmund, Germany drew 5,000 fans.
* April 16th in Kiel, Germany drew 4,500 fans.
* April 17th in Newcastle, England drew 4,700 fans.
* April 18th in Liverpool, England drew 7,000 fans.
* April 19th in London, England drew 7,000 fans.
* April 20th in Brussels, Belgium drew 7,500 for $525,000.
* April 21st in Strasbourg, France drew 7,000 for $500,000.
* April 22nd in Lieven, France drew 6,400 for $450,000.
* April 23rd in Lyon, France drew 5,700 fans for $400,000.

– Dark main events on the RAW side for TV tapings in May are John Cena vs. The Miz. On the SmackDown tapings, they have Christian and Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

– Sin Cara is currently being advertised for the upcoming RAW brand tour of Mexico, despite post-Draft changes. However, Rey Mysterio is not being advertised and will be on the SmackDown shows that weekend. Usually WWE sends Mysterio to Mexico with whichever brand is there, regardless if it’s his brand or not.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Mysterio should go to TNA. He is starting to get to washed up status.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    @ “satan” Ii think i jus said that kid

  • Zach D

    @ Satan
    Ur name says it all

  • Satan

    Mistico(Sin Cara) is the bigger draw in mexico that’s why they took him instead of mysterio duh

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I AGREE WITH @jus sayin. They only took Rey on those trips cuz of his hispanic roots an simply cuz he was the only one with hispanic roots. Rey made hsi name is the us, ECW WCW WWE. Rey isnt considered to b a hero the way mistico is i mean sin cara. Think about it. Y isnt alberto del rio goin? dos caras jr was a “mexican hero”. He took off th mask. thats y. In mexico sin cara has the most influence.

  • JIR

    for the inevitable 1v1 match they are both faces and with not proper build to it it would not draw

  • jus sayin

    the fact sin cara dominated AAA for many years doesn’t play a factor? the return of mistico would be massive in mexico and pull more than mysterio would ever pull, that and mysterio is constantly injuried and doesn’t last as long in the ring these days, hence being in quick matches and shit tag matches where he does a hurricanranna and a 619 and maybe a splash..

  • ThaQuietRiot

    I think its because sin cara is way better than rey even tho rey has been in the biz for years.. i believe that when reys time is up he’ll feud wit cara (mask v mask) and loser leaves company or something like that..

  • Zach D

    @ Jeff Oh i see. I heard about him going to Smackdown because of the screw ups but I didn’t realize they needed a hispanic balance. I think that’s a good move though.

  • Jeff

    They are trying to keep a hispanic balance on each show. Rey and Del Rio on Raw. Sin Cara on Smackdown. Sin Cara needed some in ring work and they can edit his matches if a screw up happens. With him being on Smackdown someone had to pick up someone

  • Zach D

    why are they keeping mysterio and sin cara apart so much???

  • Zach D

    I guess Orton and Christian won’t be facing each other.