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Why WWE Is High on Antonio Cesaro, Ryback’s Botch at RAW

– Vince McMahon was reportedly scrambling at Monday’s RAW when Ryback failed to do his finisher on Tensai. Workers in the production truck were instructed to make him look as strong as possible with the replays.

– WWE officials are very high on United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. WWE feels they will make a lot of money off Cesaro in the future so expect his push to continue.

Some feel that WWE wanted to do right by Cesaro and that’s why they hired his girlfriend Sara Del Rey as a developmental trainer.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Lalo

    Just saw both matches Ryback had with Tensai, and I like Ryback’s gimmick and all, but Ryback did botch the move. Tensai didn’t sandbagged anybody. And to DiamondSkye, if that’s you in that pic, then honey, you look good :p

  • DiamondSkye

    Kevin Nash said one thing about Ryback I liked and can agree with. Have a 2ndary finishing maneuver. Nobody is superman in real life. I mean come on. What’s he going to use as a finisher when he meets the Big Show?

  • Automattic

    One thing that was impressive was that Ryback had enough sense to not just cover Tensai after the botch. I’ve seen guys mess up moves and then get the pin when they had no business to. At least Ryback got Tensai back up and hit him with something that looked like it hurt before winning the match.

  • Daniel Schein

    Well first off as someone else said Ryback did successfully execute the move on Tensai on the Smackdown before Raw. Secondly The AA is a much easier move to deliver and have control with. Ryback’s finisher requires him to muscle the the wrestler over his head in a more awkward torture rack type move while with the AA both Cena and his opponent have much more control. Not to mention Ryback walks around and runs before delivering it. Believe me Ryback is a strong dude and Tensai’s weight had nothing to do with it, if anything it was his mass a yeah he may have not given the proper cooperation. One may have been winded, who knows it’s hard to make that call.

  • poko

    Not hating on the guy, but it was Ryback’s fault. Perhaps he got cocky because he’s done it before, but to lift a guy that size you have to get really low, not try to power him up onto your shoulders. I have no doubt he has the strength, just looks like he needs to practice more. That was a failure of technique. I hope he gets some instructional criticism rather than just being yelled at for failing.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    What’s really bad, is Cena has lifted show and edge at the same time before for the AA…But Ryback failed to lift Tensai? Odd.

  • CM Mark

    Ryback’s finisher is lame anyways. Give him something where he doesn’t have to lift people over his head week after week. Especially big boys like Tensai, who’s next Show? LOL…

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Was kind of disappointing to see Ryback fail to do that…Made him look weak in my opinion

    He did it last week though. Don’t know what the deal is.

  • Fred

    I kind of felt that Tensai sandbagged it. Ryback had no problems doing it last week on Smackdown.

    As for Cesaro, he’s great on the mic. Check out his work as Claudio Castagnoli during his time at ROH, Chikara, and PWG.

  • Tyler(:


    That’s just a plain hate comment towards Ryback, I’m not so high on him but everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

  • Zedd

    Ryback has no problem throwing around 90 pound guys, but when you put him up against someone bigger he can’t do it, not so impressive now. Of course His marks will try to blame it on Tensai instead of facing the fact that Ryback isn’t as strong as everyone thought.

  • Ceejaye

    Its not that bad. I think he should’ve did it off the top rope. Like the original muscle buster.

  • Moseley

    If anyone caught last weeks Smackdown, he managed to do it first time. Seriously, check it out, because it was fucking impressive.

  • cc

    Cesaro isnt gonna get over with his current gimmick as its so dull. The guy is far better than this gimmick is allowing him to be.
    You look at how strong the gimmicks are for guys like Rhodes, Miz, Del Rio and Sandow for instance, and then compare that to the vanilla gimmick Cesaro has, and despite having a title already, he just doesnt stand out.

  • Hunter

    Botched it at first, then seemed to panic on the 2nd attempt. Things like this happen. It will be on ”are you serious?” in 2018.

  • KingAlbert

    Skip is on roids, he shouldn’t have trouble lifting Albert.

  • Stevie P

    Cesaro is a good wrestler. Haven’t heard him much on the mic except he can say different words in 5 languages but he’s very very solid in the ring. He’s a good choice to back for the future.

  • Buttercastle

    Well maybe if Tensai wasn’t 8000 pounds. Ryback has an easier time being a one man furniture delivery service.