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WWE Hits “Reset Button” at RAW, Backstage News on Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan, More

– WWE did was is being described as a “reset” on the storylines with Monday’s RAW. Vince McMahon was making changes and scripts were being re-written as late as 3-4pm on Monday afternoon. As noted, original plans had Vince McMahon returning to get involved with Big Show but as they were re-writing the scripts on Monday, Vince was written out.

– Word coming out of RAW is that Shawn Michaels is finished in the storylines until he’s needed again. Daniel Bryan putting the Yes Lock on Shawn was Bryan getting revenge and ending the angle. There has been no talk at all about HBK coming out of retirement to wrestle another match.

Source: PWInsider

  • Yes!3X

    It made perfect sense in that they needed a way to have Bryan lose and still look strong. HBK being a big star and having a history with Bryan made it more interesting. If they brought in some random legend like the Honky Tonk Man to ref the match then I’d agree with you.

  • Yes!3X

    What are you talking about? HBK sold that lock very well. He actually made it look painful.

  • Minstrel_Period

    In other words, out of all that DB went through, his payback was a lousy, undersold yes lock?


  • mattywalsh85

    i want vince back! we need big show to face triple h and survivor series!

  • JohnCena33

    Very pointless for that angle to even occur if HBK is not going to have one more match.