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More WWE HOF Rumors – Hall and Roberts Getting Inducted?

– There was a rumor recently going around WWE that Scott Hall and Jake Roberts were under consideration for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, likely because of their recent training with Diamond Dallas Page. The report states that Page may have been the one to suggest the idea to WWE.

We noted before how Hall could be inducted with The Kliq, if they go in. It wasn’t clear which group was getting more internal consideration – DX or The Kliq, but both were at least discussed.

An induction for Hall or Roberts is not confirmed and it’s said that Roberts would be more likely than Hall to go in by himself. At the same time, Hall would have the support of guys like Shawn Michaels and others.

Source: PWInsider

  • eamonn h

    Hall on his own in a few yrs as remember he walked out on this company for money,the kliq should never get in as they robbed people of a chance to make it to smooth their own egos and as the outsiders no effing way as there are far more deserving WWF/E teams that deserves it other than two egos who wrote their own success.

    Damn Vince he banged your daughter, wonder how many you did,so LET THE MACHO MAN IN AS HE BLOODY WELL EARN HIS SPOT AND WAS A MAIN SAY BACK IN THE 80’S

  • luckysalt

    Seems like another story that is just completely made up like Flair won’t be back on tv until Feb then he’s on the following weeks Raw.

  • Agreed, never saw the point of even talking about having the Kliq in when they were just friends backstage that had a nickname.

  • Shawn Bronald

    nWo or DX…. NOT THE KLIQ! Why would we induct backstage “groups”? Doesn’t make sense. They were never an on-air group. Do we induct writers? Ring crew? Cooks? Costume designers? NO!

  • D2K

    IT is better to do it now while he IS sober. What happens afterwords is all on him, but right now he is in a good place physically and mentally. It’s better to take advantage and assume he can make it a whole other year sober.

  • Loopy420

    And why does the kliq need to go in???

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’d wait till next year for hall, just to make sure he stays sober.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Scott Hall should go in 3 times, as a singles wrestler, as a member of The Kliq, and as a member of The Outsiders…one of the greatest Tag Teams to walk the planet. Just my opinion though.