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WWE Interested In Matt Morgan, Kidman’s Current Job with WWE, Rey Mysterio, WWE Tapings

– Vince McMahon, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam are all confirmed for the August 13th WWE SmackDown tapings from San Jose, California. This the final show before SummerSlam. Lesnar and Triple H are advertised for the August 19th RAW from Anaheim, the night after the pay-per-view.

– Rey Mysterio won’t be attending Comic Con today due to his mother’s health. He’s been asking fans for prayers and says she’s currently listed in critical condition at a hospital. Rey mentioned that the family is there with them.

– Billy Kidman is no longer working as a trainer in WWE developmental. He’s been working at WWE TV tapings as an agent, timing matches and segments to make sure they don’t go too long.

– WWE is interested in former TNA star Matt Morgan but it could be a while before he’s signed, if they come to an agreement, because he would still have to do pre-signing testing.

Source: PWInsider

  • Pewp

    Morgan would just be used to job out. Think about Tensai. Morgan would show up, beat John Cena or Triple H in his debut, maybe be a Paul Heyman guy.

    2 months later, he will be jobbing to Zach Ryder and Kofi Kingston.

  • Scooter

    As much as I love Aj wouldn’t Matt have been a more logical choice as the lone wolf anti hero given his feud with Hogan? Essentially the two would have had to learn to co-exist to get rid of a bigger threat.

  • CC

    yeah, but its not just steroids they test for.
    plus, steroid users dont just use them to build themselves up initially. look at Scott Steiner for example. If you look at his build in early WCW/WWF days there could defo have been steroid use. look at him in his big poppa pump days and see that he obviously kept using them.

  • Kevin Rozmarenoski

    I dont think tna should of released matt morgan they could easily put him in the ace and eight storyline

  • Scooter

    Big Matts always been that size I believe so I doubt he’s taking anything right now. Might have done in the past mind but they won’t pick up on that anyway.