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Is WWE Interested In Outgoing TNA Talents?, CM Punk Comments on WWE HOF, The Briscoes

– CM Punk commented on the WWE Hall of Fame last night via Twitter, making a case for The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and the Poffo family to be inducted:

“Ultimate Warrior. Better be hall of fame bound. Savage too. All them Poffos.”

– There’s a feeling within Ring of Honor that The Briscoes will be returning although no time frame is known that their return is not official yet. They are not expected to sign with WWE but that could always change.

– WWE has zero interest in any of the outgoing TNA talents right now. The feeling is that none of them bring anything to the table that WWE can’t develop themselves with their own talents in NXT before bringing to the main roster.

Source: PWInsider

  • Solid

    Unless WWE is putting that out there so if (and when imo) TNA low ball any talent currently under renegotiations and they leave WWE can pick them up?

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    See I disagree, if you’ve seen him in ECW you’d see why. Sure Roode is a phenomenal heel (and one of the best in the business right now in my opinion), but Bubba has really come into his own since the break up of The Dudleys/Team 3D. I mean as a tag team, they pretty much antagonised EVERYONE in ECW (and almost caused a riot at one point they were that good), I just think it’s now time for Bubba to show what he can do & I personally believe he can be successful as a main event player

  • rob

    bubba is an awful heel, even by ‘heel’ standards he represents the TNA brand poorly, he generates heat with generic white trash antics. sure some of it is creatives fault, but how versatile can you see the guy being? one dimensional and poor quality. Booby Roode is their best heel, better than angle even.

  • oppa

    It will come down to money according to reports. TNA feels that WWE won’t sign any of their talent, so they don’t have to try and pay top dollar to sign anyone. Truth is if TNA is really struggling badly and could go out of business, WWE could pick who they want and get them at a cheaper rate than if they signed them to deals now. AJ would be good, but even Samoa Joe who has friends in the company can’t get signed. Who knows what will happen.

  • millerj265

    by that im assuming you mean guys they found who were fairly untrained and didnt spend much time in the independents?

  • StocktonJoe

    I have yet to see talent that WWE/NXT HAVE developed recently.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Yeah and then look what happened to Bubba Ray after he left the WWE, he went from Tag-Team wrestler to successful mega heel solo wrestler. WWE really dropped the ball on that one imo

  • millerj265

    he probably wont be, but if tna is dumb enough to drop the ball with him, im sure wwe will pick him up. hes the only legitimate home grown star they have ever created. By that fact alone im sure wwe would want him, if for nothing other then to bury him and put tna down. but i doubt they would do that, im sure there are plenty of top guys in wwe management who have had an eye on aj for quite sometime now.

  • millerj265

    yea i guess a near 7ft tall athletically gifted Matt Morgan would bring nothing to the table at all. the guys only great on the stick, a hell of a worker for his size, and a very smart and well educated man who would do great for them media appearance wise. Yea he has zero potential at all.

  • CC

    is AJ outgoing?

  • leon

    Aj stlyes all I have to say