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WWE Looking to Please Internet Fans?, Piper Health Update, Maryse

– Roddy Piper, who recently had neck surgery, was forced to pull out of an appearance in Orlando this weekend. He wrote on Twitter: “Standing up to the plate. My neck needs 1 more week to heal, it’ll be stronger than before. I feel terrible, Can’t do Orlando this weeked.”

– Maryse is featured on the cover of the new Sessions Magazine. The issue also includes a 10-page feature on the WWE Diva.

– There has been talk within WWE of doing more angles that address some of the things that fans complain about on the internet.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    If this happens to be true it is one of the most pointless things WWE has done. There is no pleasing internet fans, we will always find something new to bitch about. That is fact.

  • CM Mark

    For god sake wtf is an internet fan, they act like there is some kind of difference between fans. Everyone uses the f*ckin internet, get over yourselves already WWE, except your product sucks and fix it already. Stop acting so high and mighty like you’re the experts. ^_^

  • shawn

    i’ll believe it when i see it.

  • shawn

    oh, give me money.

  • Drahq

    hey scooter, cookies are on sale, go buy yourself one….just saying

  • scooter

    For the record I was on the Drew bandwagon two year before you guys……. just saying

  • venom

    make everything on shopzone 50% off.

  • venom

    I agree with totalplay. Fire santino and Hornswoggle. Turn John Cena heel. Bring back Undertaker fulltime for his last year.

  • Ron

    Jobber cena to everyone

  • adam

    So there finally going to change cena back to his orginal charcter or are they just going to take him off of tv?


    Push Wade Barret & Keeping Pushing Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes

  • Death the Kid

    Cody Rhodes is the future

  • Simon

    Drew needs a push, Ryder needs more pushing, hey need everything in english and last but not least… quit having title reigns that last less then a month! It proves nothing about the person holding it!

  • breezy

    drew mcintyre is wwe champion caliber… he shouldnt be jobbing to anyone he can be the biggest heal in the wwe

  • ##

    So I guess they will enough material to last the next 30 years…..

  • Daniel

    it’s about time! hey WWE take Drew Mcintyre away from Superstars and put him on Raw

  • voice of reason

    get well soon hot rod

    @wwe the internet is the worlds largest soapbox if the fans get pissed off they will go to the net to vent their frustrations it’s good to hear that the wwe may listen to us lowly fans we only pay to see the matches & buy the merchandise.