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WWE Interviews Chael Sonnen About Most Dangerous Submission

– WWE’s website recently interviewed UFC star Chael Sonnen about the most dangerous submission move in WWE, to promote Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view where Randy Orton will face Alberto Del Rio. Sonnen named Del Rio’s cross armbreaker as the most dangerous.

Sonnen, who is a friend of CM Punk, also talked about submissions in WWE:

“Punk is a submission whiz who trains with former UFC fighter, Shonie Carter in Chicago. Punk even has a gym in his basement now. He likes the Anaconda Vise. The Undertaker uses the gogoplata [known to WWE fans as Hell’s Gate]. The Figure-Four Leglock will crush a knee, but it is very intricate and difficult to set up. The standing Abdominal Stretch is applied on the ground in MMA and called a Twister. Again, it’s very difficult to set up, but brutal to be in. Alberto’s Cross Armbreaker is known as an armbar in MMA and it is a staple of every fighter’s repertoire.”

  • barry horowitz

    glad you’re here to tell us these things soulshroude you spelled your own name wrong btw.

  • Shrooms

    You figure Sonnen would say the triangle choke since he’s been submitted by that one move 4 times.

  • Soulshroude

    A cross armbar if applied correctly will neither hurt, nor endanger your opponent. It simply looks painful from the spectators point of view.