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More on WWE Introducing Sin Cara, Meaning of His Name, Brand Speculation

– When Sin Cara (Mistico) was introduced at WWE’s press conference in Mexico yesterday, he came out in a Mistico style mask before taking it off to reveal his new WWE mask. Sin Cara reportedly means “Faceless.”

WWE has setup a Facebook page for him at and a Twitter account is being setup. WWE will begin airing clips from the press conference on this week’s TV and Monday’s RAW. Mistico’s signing with WWE is being covered my all the media in Mexico as it’s considered a big deal.

Sin spoke at the press conference and said he doesn’t know which brand he will end up on but said he is ready when called and proud to be working for the greatest promotion in the world. Lucha Libre journalist Kris Zellner expects Cara to end up on the SmackDown brand with Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.

  • KGM Da Master

    Sin Cara is like buddy said he will be with the company. A jobber, just like Kaval. His size will be a huge problem. I don’t know about his technical skills but they would have to be impressive to get a primetime slot. Considering his name, he probably won’t speak on the mic much. Also, the name sucks. Sin Cara = pointless instead of faceless. He just showed his face at the press conference. So you have a face to identify now. What made Rey so important before Jericho unmasked him in WCW & WWE? That his performance could not be traced by any talent. After his mask was removed for all to see, it was over. Now he did achieve his dream of being World champ in WWE but he never had the push he was supposed too…….Del Rio is the future for hispanic champions in WWE and ultimately Mystico will be a jobber because of size. Look at Evan Bourne and realize he is a WHITE mystico. Where has he went? Exactly well everyone enjoy peace KGM

  • GOKU

    @Bingo Nik: It’s A “C” Sound.

  • Bingo Nik

    Is the “c” in Sin Cara pronounced with a “c” sound or an “s” sound…?

    These are the sort of details that keep me up at night. Oh, the suspense!

  • Devil_Rising

    I think it’s rather amazing that they think “Sin Cara” is a better, catchier name, considering how dumb WWE seems to think fans are. I guess “Mistico” sounds too close to Rey Mysterio.

    Oh well…I guess at least they didn’t call him Michael McGillicutty, or Husky Harris. lol

  • Dave

    I’d put him on Raw and right into the MITB match. Then have him feud with Morrison or Bryan. Possibly draft Mysterio or ADR to Raw to feud with him. A guy like this needs to be on Raw to live up to the hype.

  • Long Rod Von Hugen Dong

    Hey Marc, it does not “reportedly mean” Faceless, it means that!!! Come on, that does not need a source, just check a Spanish-English dictionary. Another translation can be “Without a face”, but that is the same.

    Btw, calling it just “Sin” does not make any sense, at least in Spanish.

  • stockshark

    Look at his pics then go and look up pics off Ultraman…. LMAO

  • Zach


    Because majority of their audience speaks English. Most tv tapings and all PPVs are taped in the US. They’re an American company. Obviously they won’t push someone if you can’t speak.

  • CC

    @Buddy, to be fair the fact that Dragon and Suzuki could barely talk English if at all is what held them back.
    Lets face it, if was not for WWE trying to gain more Indian fans, Khali would have been dropped ages ago (although he does have size going for him), but even he has been reduced to the role of jobber and comedy relief.
    Its always been the same in WWE, if you dont speak English, its very unlikely you will be successful.

  • Automattic

    @Gilbert If only they’d do that more often…

  • stone cold

    @Buddy i agree with you but with Ultimo Dragon he is old news. Its like trying to bring back Doink the clown full time. people loved it but they couldnt find enough of a storyline to keep him. Id love to see more mexicans in WWE bring more high flyers in

  • i think he should be put on raw cuz then at least u have a masked character on each show.

    im hoping the wwe dont make a mess of it like they did with kaval.

    i also think he will also turn out to be someone exactly like rey and become a main event competitor, looking forward to seein him on the shows

  • Buddy

    i’m a little worried about it. reason: WWE doesn’t know how to work with the international wrestlers/ends up jobbing them out. remember Ultimo Dragon? Kenzo Suzuki? could’ve done so much with those guys, but in the end dropped the ball. the Mexicools could’ve been a great faction, but WWE made them into “heel dayworkers riding ‘juan deere’ mowers.”

    however, if they move him to Raw, they’ll just end up jobbing him to Cena and Trips. joy.

  • In Grind We Crust

    Can’t wait to see what they do with him. I hope they don’t fuck it up like they did with Kaval.

  • RAMSES 2


  • @Automattic Thats because Mistico picked it. He chose his new ring name.

  • misfit del rio sin cara

    Oh I almost forgot let the “certain demographic ( mexican)” bashing begin, by the likes of “cm mark” and “tom c”. Let’s forget the fact that hs talented just bashem cause he’s new. In……

  • Automattic

    WWE catches a lot of grief for some of the names they come up with, and rightfully so, but I have to admit that I’m happy with “Sin Cara.”

  • misfit del rio sin cara

    RCan’t waita for sin cara to debut, there an air of change coming.