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Why WWE Isn’t Speaking Publicly About CM Punk’s Situation, Colt Cabana Denies Report, More

– Colt Cabana denies the report saying he told a fan in India that CM Punk has been very pissed off with his position in the company. Cabana tweeted:

“Some dude in INDIA has been lying about me talking about Punk. I’m sorry yall but Internets been lying. I think he’s dead.”

– WWE officials have began to de-emphasize CM Punk internally and they have the impression that he’s not coming back anytime soon. One reason the company is not burying Punk publicly yet is because Vince McMahon really does like Punk personally. As noted, Vince still hopes the two sides can work everything out.

Another reason is they have a lot of time and money invested in Punk, they have the CM Punk name out in stores and other places and they want to protect that at best they can as long as it’s associated with WWE. There’s a good chance WWE doesn’t even publicly acknowledge Punk is gone until his contract expires in July. For those wondering, once July comes and his contract expires, Punk will be free to do anything he wants.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Jason Lentini

    For those wondering, once July comes and his contract expires, Punk will be free to do anything he wants.

    I’m pretty sure WWE has standard 90 day non compete clauses and have for awhile so I’m not certain the above statement is correct

  • ChrisDV

    Maybe. Considering Punk (and the rest of the Superstars & Divas) isn’t classified as an employee, but rather as an “Independent Contractor” it’s possible that it’s not as clear cut as a simple breach of contract.

    Either way, it’s an incredibly dumb move to sue him. If there’s a chance of him returning, suing him over his walkout will kill that instantly. If a lawsuit does happen, it’ll probably be after his contract expires, but I can see WWE not doing it just to keep Punk on side.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Technically yes, but they didn’t sue Austin when he quit and I think Vince knows that Pink just needs time to think and time to heal.

  • Hasan

    If he’s still under contract, can’t WWE sue Punk? I am sooo confused. Explain pl0x!

  • Will Henderson

    another possibility is that the reason why WWE or CM Punk or anyone with close ties to him isn’t talking is because maybe the lawyers are involved and they always put a gag order on their clients when a lawsuit is about to take place. so it’s possible WWE fired Punk on the spot after he walked and he’s suing.