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WWE Says John Cena Has Advantage Over The Rock, CM Punk Meets Schiavone

— The latest issue of WWE Magazine gives an “insider’s take” on each major match-up at next Sunday’s WrestleMania XXVIII pay-per-view event and says John Cena has the “advantage” over The Rock in their bout.

WWE writes of the match: “What does a win at The Show of Shows mean for each of these competitors? Does hearing that three-count signify that the winner is the greatest of all time? Where does one go after a loss? For The Rock, it’s back to Hollywood. For John Cena, it’s back to Monday nights, weekend live events and main-eventing yet another pay-per-view. And maybe that’s why Cena has the edge in this fight, because even if he loses at WrestleMania XXVIII, he’s still doing what he’s always wanted to—and no one can take that away from him. Not even The Rock.


— CM Punk took part in a WrestleMania XXVIII media blitz this morning in Atlanta, Georgia and noted talking to former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone at one point. He tweeted, “Just chatted with Tony Schiavone! That was awesome!”

Schiavone, who is the Sports Director of WSB Atlanta, said of the WWE Champion on Twitter, “Just met C.M. Punk . He was at the radio station. Very talented guy, as I’m sure you know.”

  • ogitchida

    @BlaH……. yeah that sounds pretty fucking BlaH itself !!!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I don’t know who “BlaH” is, nor do I believe that. BUT I’d like to see it. The whole “Shawn IS better than you” thing can drive Triple H crazy, but whether he ends the Streak or beats Michaels next year, Triple H is going to beat someone. He doesn’t need either win, but his ego does. And I say that as a Triple H fan, but it’s true.

    Taker goes 20-0 Sunday, and Hunter will blame Shawn. No matter what storyline they do, no matter who beats who… Shawn Michaels is hands down, the best ever. Triple H can end all the careers and win all the titles he wants. Doesn’t mean dick compared to the career Michaels had and the performer he was. And like I said, love Triple H, but Shawn Michaels he is not.

  • BlaH

    After speaking with sources, WZ has learned that WWE involved Shawn Michaels in the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and The Undertaker with a tentative plan to set up HBK’s involvement at WrestleMania 29.
    It is believed that the current plan in mind is to run some kind of finish to the Hell in a Cell match that causes Triple H to call out Shawn Michaels the next night on RAW.

    The plan that is circulating behind the scenes in WWE is that Triple H and HBK would have a verbal confrontation that leads to a match at WrestleMania 29.

    It has been reported that WWE wants to announce one of the big matches for WrestleMania 29 soon, giving a year to promote it just as they did with The Rock and John Cena – an HBK vs HHH match could be that main event bout.

    We will continue to follow the story and bring you more information.

  • Best In The World

    Everyone Knows The Rock wont job to John Cena Rock is just that much better then Cena plus i dont see rock losing in his home town

  • JIR

    OK so Cena has the advantage because he will be doing what he loves the very next day does that mean Rock doesn’t love making movies?

  • nick

    Cenas got the advantage, but the rocks got the bigger paycheck

  • Leon

    I disagree about Cena having the advantage at wrestlemaina. The Rock has to win. Cena can lose and still be a face and no one would have a care. He will still get booed or cheered. The reason The Rock has to win is so Cena has to chase him for next years wrestlemaina. Plus its Rocks hometown. You damn right The Rock is going to win.