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WWE Keeping Tight on Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H Storyline, Creative News on Lesnar Quitting

– As seen on Monday’s RAW Supershow, Paul Heyman returned and quit for Brock Lesnar, who he is representing in the storylines. At one point, Lesnar himself quitting was to be on last week’s show but the angle got changed to Heyman doing it a week later. The actual angle with Heyman returning and quitting for Lesnar was changed over and over during the day. In all of the changes, any mention of a Lesnar and Triple H angle weren’t until way into the second hour of the show.

The entire Lesnar vs. Triple H storyline is being kept secret and only a few people know where it’s going – Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, John Laurinaitis, Triple H, Lesnar and a few others. Even the WWE writing team isn’t being let in on the direction.

Regarding the reported SummerSlam match, people in the company are being told that Triple H vs. Lesnar will not happen at WWE’s August pay-per-view but sources report that it is still scheduled.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • yofits

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  • Reverse prince albert

    They’re reporting its secret of course.. the writers are prob crying because they dont know.. i bet no one will know whats about to happen until you see it on tv…. @jimbo

  • Jimbo

    They’re keeping such a tight lid on it that the dirtsheets are all reporting on it.

  • Mark

    It seems like someone is actually reading what is posted on this site. I had said in a very “passionate” rant, that it is not a good idea for every idea to be put on line for us to read. I have no problem with reading the RESULTS after the shows(WWE, or TNA) have aired, but SPOILERS not so much. I will be continuing to follow on this site and hopefully, something will show in the RESULTS that will renew my interest in PRO WRESTLING programming.

  • nick

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    H-uman being