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WWE Lawyer Issues Strong Letter To Blogger, Jim Ross Attending TLC, Trish Stratus

— World Wrestling Entertainment attorney Jerry McDevitt wrote a strongly worded letter to wrestling blogger Irv Muchnick regarding statements he made to the Pittsburgh City Paper criticizing the WWE Wellness Policy. To read the letter, click here.

McDevitt seemingly relayed information to Muchnick as a way of seeking legal recourse down the line should he make statements that are false regarding WWE.

To read Muchnick’s response to McDevitt, click here.

— Jim Ross indicated on his official website today that he will be on hand for tomorrow night’s WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view in Houston, Texas.

— Both Steve Austin and Trish Stratus are celebrating birthdays today. “Stone Cold” turns 46 years old while the former WWE Women’s Champion turns 35.

  • CC

    @Toadie. Advertising on TV shows is out of the hands of WWE and TNA, and infact, TNA shows are often advertised during WWE shows in certain places.
    The simple fact is, its nothing to do with freedom of speech, its down to business decisions.
    While WWE is running a show in any territory they have the right to refuse entry, just as any concert promoter or ticketed event does (dont believe me, read the terms and conditions on the back of a ticket).
    I have known companies owned by Pepsi to discipline staff for drinking Coca Cola branded products on their premises, or asking people to leave their premises because of it.

    The big difference with band shirts at concerts is that those bands are not direct competition.
    If Metallica are performing in the USA in June and Megadeth is performing in the UK in September, then how does it hurt them?

    The chances are also that those bands will tour together at some point as well (which Megadeth and Metallica did recently), but you are certainly never going to see WWE and TNA on the same bill.

    Just because someone doesnt ask you to leave, does not mean someone else is wrong if they do.

  • Toadie

    Yeah… I was watching (& by watching, I mean fast forwarding via my DVR) Impact from last week & saw a WWE TLC ppv commercial (the one with all the stick figures)… Guess its not that big of a deal when YOU’RE the the one doing it, eh Vince?..

  • Rated_R1982

    I understood little to nothing of either letter and furthermore who is this Irv Muchnick is he related to Phil Muchnick – I might not know much but I do remember that Phil Muchnick hates wrestling and was very negative toward WWE quite a while back (it’s on the McMahon DVD I think)

  • Chuva

    I’ve eaten KFC at McDonalds, while eating my McD’s fries. If I purchase a ticket to a WWE event (which I wouldn’t), and decide to wear my TNA shirt, and they refuse me entry, they’d be in for a world of headaches. It’s a kin to seeing a Metallica shirt to a Megadeth concert and Mustaine stopping the show, and going, “Yea, buddy, I’d like you to leave the arena for wearing a competing bands shirt.” Childish and asinine.
    On the wellness thing, it’s just an opinion. Unless he was tossing around numbers and names, it’s an opinion. And even if he said “so and so does heroin and has never been suspended”, he’s entitled to it. And in reality, it’s a freaking blog that just so happened to make a local paper.
    Vince needs to be taken down a peg, cause he’s like the spoiled kid who gets everything he wants when he cries loud enough. I’m not talking a drop in ratings, I’m talking some disgruntled fan, who was turned away from a WWE show which he paid $100 for a ticket, cause the guy was wearing a TNA shirt, shows up at Starbucks where Vince is sipping an Ice Mocha, and shoots him 4 times in the chest, sending him into a coma for a year, only to come out of the coma, and see Eric Bischoff running the company cause he’s having an affair with Linda, all the while banging Steph.

  • JAck45

    @ jim
    If you owned a company that had competition, I’m sure you wouldn’t advertise on national TV your their brand either.
    The voting poles was against the freedom of speech.
    The TNA shirt, is just smart business.
    Good luck eating your KFC at a McDonalds restaurant while your at it.

  • Boomski

    WWE’s lawyer team is a train I wouldn’t want to step in front of.

  • jim

    lol a guy exposes wwe cheap crappy wellness policy and they dont like much for vince being all for freedom of speech..during the election time he was all for freedom of speech having people wear his brand shirts to all of a sudden you cant show up to his show with a tna shirt on or give your opinion on his wellness policy.hypocrisy at its finest.