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WWE Over the Limit Draws Near Record Low Pay-Per-View Buy Number

While WWE has yet to release the buy number for last month’s Over the Limit pay-per-view event, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the show is estimated to have garnered 65,000 buys in the United States (based on trending patterns as well as actual cable reports).

Should this number hold up, it would be WWE’s least watched pay-per-view event in nearly five years. The 2006 pay-per-view event December to Dismember drew approximately 90,000 pay-per-view buys, with 55,000 of them domestic—the lowest buyrate in company history.

To show the accuracy of trending numbers, they would have indicated 90,000 for TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (real number was 101,000), 260,000 for Royal Rumble (real number 264,000), 160,000 for Elimination Chamber (real number 136,000) and 630,000 for WrestleMania XXVII (real number 617,000).

Over the Limit was headlined by John Cena vs. The Miz, Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler, and Randy Orton vs. Christian.

  • Jason

    WWE sucks ass, TNA is the best thing going today

  • PPV being PG, no hardcore, no title changes, nothing exciting to watch, its not even oldschool PPV like Royal Rumble, who will want to watch it, just boring like any other RAW/SmackDown in the past few years.

  • Stevie P

    When you have no titles changing hands, the same people as champions, and no development, you’re gonna get that low of buys. Plus, there are way too many PPV’s now.

  • Bill

    @Jimbo Jones, Orton has done his job as a heel. Maybe in a few years he’ll make a heel turn, but not now. As for Cena, the problem with turning him heel is that WWE would lose tons of merchandise sales, & Vince doesn’t want that. Now, if WWE still had Jeff Hardy, who sold tons of merchandise, then Cena could turn heel. I say he still will before WM 28.

  • Paton

    nothing fresh happening. same old Cena and even though I like Orton, his gimmick just seems to be that he can hit a RKO from anywhere.

    plus, nobody actually believes there is any chance of cena or orton losing the titles

  • Joe

    Pretty fitting that it was the first ppv I’ve missed in two years

  • jimbo jones

    I wish WWE would just have them both on the same show and use the other show to develop new champs. Cena and orton both need a refreshing turn, with cena being the more obvious. Cena has wrestled EVERYONE on the roster as a face and has BEATEN all of them, with exception to Taker. A heel turn for cena would be so refreshing to his character because he could work against faces. When him and rock are at mania next year, nobody will cheer for him because even the kids watching now who werent even alive when rock was a full-time wrestler, like him. Cena as a heel champ would be cool too. since he’s a face, everybody knows he’s gonna win and can anticipate the last 3-4 moves in his matches.
    Orton’s character should’nt pander to the fans but he should be a face right now. He should be more like Stonecold in my opinion, although i think we will never see the same thing austin brought in another character. orton should’nt be champ though right now. Orton always did well when he was chasing the championship, but is kind of stale as the current champ because he’s been champ so many times before here recently. orton has a character that can be both a heel and face. Cena is just too “white meat” as a babyface.
    They should let some of the younger guys shine through also, because cena and orton will not be there forever. Swagger, Morrison, Dolph, Kofi, Del Rio…these are guys they should be pushing. It was nice to see the miz as champ, eventhough he was’nt a “credible” champion because he never went over clean at all in his matches. But it was different and i was actually happy despite disliking the miz character, that WWE had decided to go with something new.

  • Jimbo

    Yes, I can see there are millions just clamoring to watch Orton and Cena as champs.

  • Prince

    Haha, that’s pathetic. Seeing as Capitol Punishment has a pretty terrible card, I’d assume the numbers will be just as low. MITB and SS will obviously be higher.

  • This Guy

    WWE needs to step their game up…

  • Boomski

    Wow. Not awesome. In fact, I can’t remember the last PPV I watched.

  • nick

    get a hint wwe………