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WWE Locker Room Behind Ryback, Three Nights of WWE Programming

– The USA Network has announced they will be airing three straight nights of WWE programming in December.

* Monday, December 17th from 8-11 PM – WWE Raw
* Tuesday, December 18th from 8-10 PM – SuperSmackdown Live Special
* Wednesday, December 19 from 9-11 PM – WWE Tribute to the Troops

– Booker T revealed in PWTorch’s latest Podcast that Ryback has the support of the WWE locker room during his mega-push.

“Definitely, I think the locker room is rooting for him. He knows what the respect issue is in the business. He knows what that really, really means, and how far he’s going to go or not go (based on respect).”

Booker also noted Ryback has been around longer than most people think, which has helped him gain respect in the locker room.

“He’s a humble kid. I do think the locker room is pulling for him to do well. The tale is going to be told after he goes out there in the big main event slot,” Booker said. “If he can pull that match up and pull that match together. If he can do that, his stock is going to go way up. If he goes out there and flops, it’s going to go way down. So, I look forward to Ryback going out there and being able to pull the job off. I really think he can get it done.”

  • donners

    the problem with this whole scenario, is that they were praying for Cena to be healthy by HIAC. i think the whole Ryback thing was just a way to give Punk somebody to complain about on tv while Cena healed up, it’s just not worked out like they’d hoped.

    now they’re stuck with a main event where somebody loses out. Punk’s 300+ day reign goes out of the window, or the Ryback push gets derailed just as the fans are starting to get behind him.

    the most obvious ways that i can think of to save the situation are:

    Big show loses to Sheamus, breaks into the cell and knocks Ryback out. Ryback’s streak ends, but they can build him back up immediately by beating Show.

    The Rock interferes, costs Punk the title. Punk gets to whine on tv that it was The Rock that cost him his place in history as the longest reigning champ, beats Ryback in his rematch, and the main event for the Royal Rumble instantly gets major hype.

    the second one’s far-fetched, i know, but the first one is very, very possible.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @Ray “C.M punk has a whole host of moves under his belt” Realy!? Guess I’ve missed those moves. Also commenting on the whole Ryback thing, it doesn’t look to me that Ryback is as good as Booker t says. He didn’t impress me in his Nexus role and now as Ryback, he is kinda cool, but I kinda think that he isnt as ready as the wwe thinks. Booker t says if he goes out there and flops then his stock is gonna go down, didn’t he ready flop in that Tensai match. Not such a big important flop, but a flop none the less.

  • loyd

    And BTW this push on Ziggler, He has no ring skills. He uses something called a zig zag and that makes him money in the bank? The creative team in the WWE is old and over rated. Sometimes, old guys wearing the belts are for more entertainment. Dolph would make a good U.S. champ but not world champ. He is not big enough or talented enough.

  • loyd

    Ryback has grown into his own. His character has gained strength without to much pushing. The WWE needs a new face. He is perfect. I just hope the WWE don’t do him the same way they did the talent in the past. Give him this big push and shove him over the top rope of disappearing. This kid could get the right push and have the success of Hulk Hogan if he is groomed right. He already has the coolest ring entrance. They need to work on a better finishing maneuver. And work on his Mic skills. He could be the next big thing.

  • cc

    I think its funny that Booker seems to think that people dont know Ryback was Skip Sheffield.
    I can understand that a lot of people wont remember the Silverback from Tough Enough, but I think Booker is as bad as WWE if he really thinks people dont realise he has been in or around WWE for a long while now.

  • Moseley

    If anyone can help Ryback through his first Main Event match, it’s CM Punk. Punk is up there as one of the best ring generals WWE has at the moment, along with Bryan and Taker, and to a lesser extent Cena and Christian. Even if creative fuck up the ending, the match itself I’m certain will be something else.

  • mtlhitman

    Having guys like ryback,ziggler,cmpunk,sheamus,daniel brian,Antonio cesaro,miz getting a push in the last year gave wwe a different vibe becausr all of them can bring something to the table.Ryback love wrestling , Goldberg was a hype and a guy eric bishop offer a job , dolph ziggler can deliver what jack swagger couldn’t do in the last 2 years , cm punk is a good heel , Antonio Cesaro is still underated he should win in 2013 the intercontinental or tag-team champ belt with Santino Marella (with a real not goofy gimmick).WWE putting a great product in the last weeks as far where pg limit can reach.Ryback wwe champ too soon? Ryback undefeated steak dead already ? Cm punk keeping belt t’il royal rumble? Humm interesting match.

  • Ray

    I think Punk is the perfect opponent for Ryback. He’s a seasoned wrestler who has trained all over the world and in various indy leagues and has a whole host of moves under his belt. He can carry Ryback if necessary but the intensity / determination Ryback is bringing will also greatly benefit him.

  • FanSince99

    A great swerve to this storyline would be Cena costing Ryback (heck or even Punk) the title leading to a heel turn.

  • D2K

    Or maybe they could swerve everybody and have Cena turn to help CM Punk retain eh title at Hell In A Cell cementing a new nWo-ish stable with Cena, Punk, Lesnar, managed by Heyman?

    Nahhhh! There is no way THAT would happen.

  • Apacaveli

    Feed Him Cena..Give Cena To The Shark That Smells Blood Ryback.

  • Apacaveli

    im predicting ryback looses thanx 2 a pissed off hiding under the ring brock lesnar helping cm punk retain at hell in a cell.

  • D2K

    I still think putting him against Punk at this point is a mistake. Unless they are ready to put the belt on him for a while, this match might actually retard his progress.

    They should have let this build up over months and let him go over Punk for the title at a major PPV like Wrestlemania.

    However, the fact that Punk has held onto the title for this long if he loses it’ll be big news no matter what PPV it happens at.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I like the whole Ryback push. When he was in Nexus, he was just another guy on a faction. Now, he’s able to show what he can do, even if it is with only a few moves. I’m sure he will show more at HIAC.

  • bb

    feeed me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I think ryback is actually doing very well in his push. you have to respect the fact that he is working to keep his push, not fighting with any fans on twitter, doing drugs, or anything else that could get him in trouble. He really does like this business and I respect that. Im rooting for him to do very well in his push.

  • paul s

    Fuck ryback hes still being pushed too soon and its all the fault of wwe creative for not investing in anyone other than cena until recently. Wwe is not what it used to bre. Am I alone in thinking they could help this by booking more, longer matches and let the guys tell the story with their skills and abilities instead of 25 minute snore fests?