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WWE No Longer Working With Independent Wrestler Who Tweeted Gay Slur

t-knows-its-offensive/” target=”new”>, WWE are distancing themselves from South California-based independent wrestler Scorpio Sky after the ten-year grappling veteran posted anti-gay messages on his Twitter account.

Sky, who appeared as “Harold” in one of Daniel Bryan and Kane’s anger management classes in August, wrote the word “faggot” on Twitter and attacked people who didn’t like it.

A wrestling fan who argued with Sky via Twitter over his use of the anti-gay slur contacted WWE about the wrestler’s language. WWE Fan Services responded: “WWE strongly believes that everyone should be treated with respect and this principle is the foundation of our anti-bullying initiative, “Be a STAR”. Mr. Andrews no longer works for WWE and we have no plans to work with him in the future.”

Sky also works with Lucha VaVOOM, and the company is not happy with his anti-gay tweets. The company stated to, “Please rest assured that Lucha VaVOOM does not condone this language, and further, it’s important to us specify that we do not employ the character “Scorpio Sky.” The wrestler that plays “Scorpio Sky” appears sometimes, but not under that moniker, and he does not have access to speak for Lucha VaVOOM or any of his Lucha VaVOOM characters. However, we have emailed him our grievances and await his response.”

One month prior to appearing for WWE, Sky competed in TNA Wrestling’s X Division Championship Tournament as Mason Andrews.

  • Larry C.

    This story is exactly the reason Linda McMahon lost her Sen. seat, try!!!! There is no need to not permit a persons free speech from being given to them, no matter what the venue. The disturbing part about this whole situation is that the WWE is so biased now. They seem to be holding court with HOMOSEXUAL GROUPS, and against the normal people in this country.

  • barry horowitz

    uh…he never called booker t a nigger, he said “keep it up my nigga.” to john cena. I’m not condoning just would like you to get your facts straight, scorpio sky just pretty much shit on his own career before he even got out the gate smooth move man all because you had to display your idiotic hate propaganda.

  • My Morning Jacket

    Anti-Bullying initiative…..uh Piggy James?

  • chris benoit

    and vince can call booker t a nigger

  • Steve

    Cole called someone a faggot in a tweet, right?

  • BlaH

    The dude that sent the tweet to wwe has been bragging about
    on Twitter all day. He even has it in his bio. Smh

  • anghellic1

    Be a star is a bunch of BS…everyone can see through WWE’s failed attempt of not looking like bullies themselves

  • Zedd

    Everyone should be treated with respect….Except JR.

  • Hank Moody

    Vince can call Booker T a nigger, though, that’s cool.

  • ShutYoMouth

    @Ceejay Oh Haha I get it -_-

  • Can u say blacklist?