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WWE makes major change to Ronda Rousey’s schedule

Ronda Rousey Raw

We noted before how Ronda Rousey was scheduled to appear on every Raw episode going into WrestleMania. The company had also issued a statement regarding the same as seen below:

“Raw is about to get a lot more Rowdy! It has been announced that Ronda Rousey will appear on every single episode of Raw leading up to WrestleMania… What impact will Rousey have on the Road to WrestleMania? Tune in to Raw every week to find out!”

However, the former UFC star didn’t appear on this week’s episode of Raw despite being advertised and now the company has removed her from 2 more upcoming episodes of the show.

No word yet on the reason behind it but speculation is that the Officials want to give her more time to prepare for her WrestleMania match after the negative fan reaction she received for her Samoan Drop on Stephanie McMahon.

As of this writing, Ronda Rousey is only advertised for the April 2nd episode of Raw from Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, which will be the go home show for WrestleMania 34.

  • CC

    I must admit to not knowing much about Judo, so watched the move on YouTube, and every single person doing it basically throws to one side. I would still say in looked a lot more like a Samoan drop because she picks Stephanie up onto her shoulders, stands there for a second then drops backwards.
    It might very well have been intended as the Judo move, but far more resembles a bad Samoan drop.

  • MrDr3w

    Her “Samoan Drop” wasn’t great because it wasn’t even a Samoan Drop at all. It was supposed to be a “Standing reverse Kata Gurama,” although that didn’t really look much like one either.

    The thing I’m noticing about these judo throws that she’s been doing is that none of them look particularly “pretty,” and I like that. Fighting isn’t about smooth moves or looking pretty. It’s about flat-out kicking someone’s as$. Rousey does that, which sets her apart from the rest.

  • Brian

    What was wrong with her Samoan drop? Looked pretty text book to me. She needs more work on her promos, but that was to be expected.

  • Da Man


  • wwemrpeeps85

    Couldn’t agree anymore

  • Darrin Tyler

    She was never on last night. Unless I somehow missed it?

  • CC

    Being good in MMA does not mean good in wrestling. They need to stop trying to run before they can walk, and make sure she is fully prepared for WM. If that means taking her off tv and concentrating on her training, then that is what they need to do. The Samoan drop was not great but her mic work is even worse.