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WWE Making Millions Off New Main Event TV Show, Update on Sales for WWE ’13

– Pre-orders for the WWE ’13 video game continue to be much higher than they were last year. As of last week, they were up 171% – which is 170% on Xbox 360, 189% on Playstation 3 and 84% on the Nintendo Wii. The numbers are being attributed to CM Punk’s involvement with the game and the recent segment on RAW, the game’s Attitude Era features and the social media push that has been behind the game.

– WWE is likely earning several million dollars per year from the Ion Network for the new Main Event TV show that premieres in October. WWE’s costs to produce the show will be minimal since most of the costs of the taping are already fixed since the crew and talent have to be in for the main tapings anyway.

The show will likely do ratings a bit better than Superstars was doing on WGN America. Ion averages a 0.7 rating in primetime but only a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.1 million viewers. Among broadcast networks, Ion is the 8th most popular in the United States.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Nitro

    Ha! To all of you noobs who are all excited about this “new show” from WWE, you all will be dissapointed to know that it’s just some old show WWE dug out and dusted from their WCW library, just like the Great American Bash (remember it?) WCW had the Main Event program in the good old days Sundays at 5 pm on TBS, the resurrected GAB lasted only 2 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if this new resurrected show lasts only 2 months, WWE just doesn’t know how to make classic WCW programming work

  • Stashathan

    I think its hilarious how they still have the bigger stars
    on the opening of WWE Superstars you dont even
    see any of them on that show… Which means Main Event
    (a “new” show, even though we already had Sat’s Main
    Event) will be the same, a bunch of hype to only fall
    back down to Superstars’ agenda for newer talent or
    what not. Vince will keep his promise about bigger talent
    on the show for a while then once again insult our
    intellegance and one week we see no namers…

    Prove me wrong Vinny Mac, Prove me wrong!

  • Rated R

    i like the wwe games but wwe 12 is very glitchy so i am surprised that this game is doing so well in pre sales

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Hard to see the future is, but me sees terrible, terrible show.

  • The Awesome One

    wish wwe13 came out like next month lol

  • nikki

    will fail…..the ratings will be high for the first show and then drop and keep dropping…those type of shows never have really worked out think about it from the 90.s alone how many have failed.Maybe instead of promising main event talent why not just admit it and say the jobbers of the wwe is now on primetime baby!!

  • rabid

    Its the same promise with superstars… They said yea we will have main event talent on …. It happened once or twice

  • SYM

    This Main Event Show better be something good.