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WWE Meeting with Stadium Officials Overseas, Punk on TV Show?

– WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly teased on Colt Cabana’s podcast last week that he has made a deal, on his own, to appear on a very popular TV show. Punk added that he couldn’t name the show for a few more weeks but said that everything he does has to go through WWE and that they probably would have given the role to somebody else.

– WWE officials will be meeting with officials from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on Friday about the idea of doing a mega-show, perhaps a pay-per-view event from there. The Stadium holds around 75,000 fans.

WWE hasn’t held a worldwide pay-per-view from the UK since the 1992 SummerSlam. WWE officials have also met with representatives from a stadium in London as well as Old Trafford, a soccer stadium in Manchester that holds 75,000.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • S_Napalm

    Even the Olympic Opening Ceremony ended before 1am and they still had the tube and national rail companies extend some of their timetables. I doubt WWE could organise the policing that late either. Makes way more sense having a 7-8pm GMT start.

    Having it at Wembley Stadium would probably break the all time attendance record (depending on the design of the stage) and would be amazing to see. Most likely will end up being in Cardiff though due to the British weather.

    But yeh, I’m so buying a front row ticket whenever this ends up happening!

  • Wellsy

    I was thinking about this only yesterday!

    Cardiff would be ideal because of the roof. No other British stadia have a fully retractable roof. Unless they held it in summer, there is a very high chance of poor weather. Even in summer, it’s 50/50 that it’ll rain.

    Due to the time difference, the PPV would either have to be at 1am in the UK (8pm Eastern) or a more sensible 8pm UK (3pm Eastern). I’m not sure if event laws in the UK would allow for such a big event this early in the morning. I’d say it may disturb local residents, but Millennium Stadium is right in the city centre so it would already be loud!

  • Dan

    I wonder what stadium in London they were discussing? If it was Wembley I’d assume it would have been named rather than just “a stadium in London”, I’d guess its probably The Emirates or at a stretch Twickenham. And I think the main reason they’re interested in the Millenium Stadium is the retractable roof, given that in Britain no matter what time of the year it is, there’s a high chance it’ll piss down especially in Wales.

  • rob

    Calling Old Trafford jus a soccer stadium is lik callin wrestlemania jus another show. Old Trafford is d Theatre of Dreams. Its d perfect stage for a wrestlemania

  • Sam Peters

    i would be delighted if WWE done a big PPV here but i wouldnt want it in Cardiff, do it at Wembley or somewhere like that

  • Vassiliadis

    “Old Trafford, a soccer stadium in Manchester”?, it’s not just “A SOCCER STADIUM”, it’s THE Manchester United FOOTBALL Club Stadium.

  • scooter

    Show starts 1am but I can guarantee fans would turn up since its such a rarity!