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WWE Mentions UFC on RAW, Possible Legends House Announcement, John Cena

– John Cena wrote the following after last night’s RAW Supershow in Washington, DC:

“Interesting #raw tonight. Make sure u check out @Syfy #DreamMachines tomorrow after #smackdown”

Cena will be appearing on a future episode of Dream Machines, not the premiere tonight. The show debuts after WWE’s live SmackDown special tonight on SyFy.

– Word at last week’s RAW Supershow was that UFC was not to be mentioned on WWE TV or anywhere else. Something changed between last week and this week’s show as Michael Cole first mentioned UFC on the USA Network before RAW hit the air last night. Cole and Lesnar both mentioned UFC by name during last night’s broadcast.

– Speculation is that WWE may announce Legends House tonight at the live SmackDown where the entire cast will be in attendance. If nothing is announced for the reality show, that likely means that SyFy wasn’t interested in carrying it.

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  • CC

    Was it really word at last weeks supershow and somethings changed, or was it just a case of a bunch of bullshit rumours being reported as fact?

  • Shawn

    True, TS93, but I’m not sure USA Network (an NBC affiliate) likes advertising a competitor’s product (UFC is on FOX). That’s where the problem lies.

  • TS93

    WWE and UFC have a good relationship. No big deal.

  • if i post something it’s just going to be deleted but other peoples comments about me stay not only do you post the obvious stuff an re post stuff multiple times just changing around 1 or 2 words w-e. your a bunch of hypocrite’s.

  • This Guy

    All in All….Who cares?