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WWE MITB: SmackDown MITB Match

SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Heath Slater vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

We go to the ring for tonight’s opener and out first comes Sin Cara followed by Wade Barrett. Ladders and armored trucks are setup on the entrance-way. Out next comes Justin Gabriel with his new theme music. Sheamus is out next followed by Cody Rhodes. Heath Slater is out next with his new theme music. Daniel Bryan is out next and finally Kane makes his way out.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Barrett and Cody, Kane and Gabriel, Sheamus and Sin Cara. Sheamus throws Cara out and stomps on Bryan until he goes to the floor. It comes down to Sheamus, Barrett and Kane in the irng. They both attack Kane but he double clotheslines them twice, the second sending them out to the floor. Kane leaves the ring and brings a ladder in. Daniel Bryan dropkicks the ladder into Kane, sending him back into the fan barrier. Bryan picks up the ladder but Slater and Gabriel kick it into him. Sin Cara comes over but they knock him down on the floor with the ladder. Slater pulls Gabriel to the floor and brings the ladder in.

Gabriel stops Slater from climbing but Bryan stops him. Cody comes over and goes to climb the ladder but Sheamus stops him. Sheamus goes for his finisher but Cody slides out. Cody drops Slater but Sheamus takes out Cody and Bryan with clotheslines. Sheamus sets a ladder up in the corner but Kane grabs he and Cody for chokeslams. Kane ends up pushing them over the ropes to the floor. Barrett comes in and beats Kane down in the corner. Barrett gets countered and Kane whips him into the ladder face first. Kane throws the ladder to the floor and it takes out Sheamus and Cody. Slater goes at it with Kane but gets hit with a big sideslam. Kane climbs to the top but Sin Cara kicks him in the head, sending him to the floor. Gabriel kicks Cara out to the floor. Bryan and Gabriel go at it until Bryan leaps through the ropes and lands on the other Superstars on the floor. Gabriel runs the ropes and leaps over, landing on Kane. Slater corkscrews over the top and lands on Cody. Sin Cara leaps to the top rope and lands outside on Sheamus. Everybody is down everywhere.

Cara and Gabriel go at it in the ring now. Cara takes out Slater and drops Gabriel with a springboard back elbow. Cara takes Gabriel out of the ring with a scissors and then kicks Daniel Bryan while he’s on the top. Cara climbs up to the top rope with Bryan and hits his big finisher. Cara goes outside and brings a ladder into the ring but Barrett stops him with a big boot. Barrett sets a ladder up as a bridge between the ring and the Spanish announcers table. Barrett scoops up Cara but he slides out. Barrett charges but Cara moves and he hits the ringpost. Cara goes in the ring but Sheamus lays him out with a Brogue kick. Sheamus picks up Cara on the apron and powerbombs him through the ladder that’s bridged between the ring and the announce table. Cara crashes through the ladder, breaking it in half. Cara starts shaking on the floor as officials check on him.

Trainers and more referees come out to check on Cara. They load him up on a stretcher as Kane and Sheamus go at it in the ring. Kane kicks Sheamus to the floor and slams the ladder on top of him. Kane brings it back in the ring where Cody and Bryan are bringing ladders in also. They drop the ladders and go at it. We see Sin Cara being taken away on a stretcher as Kane lays Cody and Bryan out again. Kane sets up a ladder and climbs up for the briefcase. Slater, Barrett and Gabriel work together to pull him off and beat him down. Cody starts climbing but they pull him off also and beat him down. Bryan also gets beatdown by the former Nexus and Corre teammates. Barrett wants them to let him climb for the briefcase and they discuss it. Barrett starts climbing but they pull him off and beat him down, then throw him out of the ring. Slater and Gabriel both climb for the briefcase but Cody comes in and interrupts. They fight him off but he comes back and tips the ladder over. Cody catches Slater and hits Cross Rhodes. Cody starts climbing for the briefcase now.

Barrett comes in, stops it and goes for the ladder but gets hit with Cross Rhodes also. Cody climbs again but Sheamus pulls him down. Sheamus hits the big backbreaker on Cody and starts climbing for the briefcase. Daniel Bryan grabs his leg and climbs on the ladder with him. Bryan stuns Sheamus but Sheamus puts Bryan on his shoulders and turns around to Kane hitting a big clothesline from the top. Bryan falls hard from Sheamus’ shoulders and everyone goes down. Sheamus bridges a ladder from the turnbuckles to another ladder, inside the ring. Kane drops him with a big boot. Kane then chokeslams Cody. Gabriel leaps in but Kane chokeslams him also. Kane goes to climb the ladder but Bryan stop him. Kane grabs Bryan for a chokeslam but Bryan fights him off. Bryan leaps off the ladder but Kane grabs him in mid-air and goes to slam him. Bryan counters and sends Kane outside of the ring. Slater comes in to climb the ladder but Bryan tries to stop him. They go at it on the ladder until Slater drops him hard on the mat. Slater climbs back for the briefcase as the crowd boo’s. Barrett pulls Slater off and beats him down in the corner.

Slater goes to the top rope but Barrett knocks him off. Sheamus comes in the ring but Barrett beats him down also. Barrett brings another ladder in the ring. He and Sheamus use it to pick up Slater from the top and launch him to the floor, onto Kane. Sheamus Brogue kicks the ladder into Barrett and drops Cody with a kick. Sheamus drops Gabriel with a clothesline and sets another ladder up in the corner. Sheamus slams Gabriel into the earlier ladder bridge he setup in the corner. Sheamus then drops Gabriel’s face over the ladder that’s in the corner and Brogue kicks him down. The crowd cheers as Sheamus looks up to the briefcase and starts climbing. Kane meets him at the top and hits him with right hands. Sheamus knocks Kane off the ladder but he comes around and grabs his leg. Kane continues to hold Sheamus back and grabs him for a chokeslam. Kane chokeslams Sheamus from up high, down onto the ladder bridge that was setup in the corner.

Kane climbs the ladder now but Bryan, Barrett and Cody stop him. Cody leaps off the ladder and kicks Kane in the face. Barrett hits Kane with Wasteland. Gabriel goes to the top and hits a crazy 450 on Kane. Barrett with a Wasteland over the top rope on Gabriel, onto Slater and the floor. Bryan gets laid out. Barrett drops Cody now with a pumphandle slam. Barrett climbs for the briefcase now but Cody stops him and pulls him down. Cody clotheslines Barrett to the floor. Bryan climbs the ladder but Cody leaps up and stops him. They go at it on the ladder. Barrett comes up the other side of the ladder and grabs the briefcase while Bryan has a submission on Cody. Bryan knocks Cody to the mat. Bryan ends up on Barrett’s shoulders. Barrett goes for Wasteland from up high on the ladder but Bryan fights out with elbows. Bryan kicks Barrett in the head, sending him to the mat. Bryan grabs the briefcase and wins Money in the Bank, earning a future World Heavyweight Title shot.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

  • Gary

    for one fuck 1, for the 2nd people streaming doesnt make wwe suck, vince makes wwe suck…the money off ppv has no influnce on the sl’s…and last, stop ACTING uff over the net, u e-thug

  • Stumpy

    That is definitely unexpected. Could it be possible that the Big E is actually attempting to surprise the Universe tonight? Or will this be their one and only surprise for a ppv like they do for every ppv? Time will only tell…

  • killerbee

    First off I’m surprise that Byran won .
    @ Vca I think you maybe right ,but I hope not

  • V-R-A

    Since they opened with this match I bet anything he will cash it in tonight.

  • CenaSucks


    Go fucking buy it and stop being a little scrounging bitch, this is why WWE sucks cause nobody buys there PPVs cause they can just get them free so why would wwe give a shit about putting effort in

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Kudos to WWE for giving Bryan a push here. However, in the classic WWE tradition of fucking these things up, look for Bryan to be the first MITB winner to NOT successfully cash in the contract.

  • Me


  • Ryan

    wow! im liking this result. although he’ll probably be the first to lose after cashing it in

  • cakes
  • jake

    This is a night of shockers if this is how it starts

  • Prince

    Holy shit, Bryan actually won! Bout time he gets a push.

  • Gary

    someone link me to a free stream purrrty purrrty please