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WWE Monday Night RAW Results for 8/8/16

Here are the results for the 8/8/16 edition of Monday Night RAW:

– Enzo Amore and Big Cass opene the show and Enzo talks about flirting with Sasha Banks on last week’s episode. Enzo then goes on to insult Jericho’s fashion trends, and out comes Jericho. Jericho calls Enzo Amore Enzo ‘Annoying’. Jericho says the only reason Enzo always makes such a big mess is because he has his ‘Seven toot maid’ Cass to clean it up for him and watch his back. Jericho says now he has someone to watch his, and Kevin Ownes’ music hits. 

All four men are in the ring and Owens says he used to like Cass back in NXT because he could relate to him. He related to Cass because they both had dead weight attached to them both in the form of Enzo Amore and Sami Zayn. Owens says the only difference is Cass didn’t get rid of the dead weight. Jericho calls Enzo a ‘hip hop hobbit’  and says he’s gonna get ‘it’. Enzo says he doesn’t know what ‘it’ is but when he finds out he’s going to shove it down his throat. 

– Chris Jericho def. Enzo Amore via DQ after Big Cass interfered and hit Jericho with a Big Boot. Owens held onto Enzo’s foot outside the ring while the referee wasn’t looking causing Jericho to get the Code Breaker. Cass challenged Jericho and Owens to a tag match at SummerSlam and they accepted.

– Sasha Banks and Mick Foley are shown backstage. Sasha asks Foley to make her title match against Charlotte at SummerSlam a handicap match so she can keep her eye on Dana Brooks. Foley says he’ll make a match between Banks and Brooks tonight, if Sasha wins Foley will ban Brooks from ringside at SummerSlam. If Banks loses, however, it will be made a handicap match.

– Braun Strowman def. Jorel Nelson in a squash match

– Darren Young def. Titus O’Neal

– Seth Rollins comes out to cut a promo on Finn Balor

– Cesaro def. Sheamus

– We get a great video package detailing Orton and Lesnar’s history throughout the past 15 years

– Neville and Kalisto def. The Dudley Boyz

– Rusev and Lana come out to share pictures from their wedding with cake, flowers and all. They are interrupted by Roman Reigns who says he’s come out to be Rusev’s best man since he didn’t have one. Reigns pours out champagne and proposes a toast to Rusev and Lana but Rusev says he doesn’t want his toast. Roman Reigns challenges Rusev to a United States Title match at SummerSlam but Rusev refuses. Reigns says he expected more from Rusev, just like Lana expected more from Rusev on their wedding night. Rusev beats Reigns down but Reigns shoves him off. Rusev runs into Lana who crashes headfirst into the wedding cake. Lana and Rusev are livid as Reigns retreats backstage with the old ‘Did I Do That?’ face. 

– Sasha Banks def. Dana Brooks. Brooks will be banned from ringside at SummerSlam

– Luke Gallows def. Kofi Kingston

– Rusev def. Cesaro to successfully retain the United States Title after interference from Sheamus