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WWE Changes Name of the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

According to the WWE website, it appears as if WWE has changed the name of it’s Money in the Bank Ladder matches.

In previous years, the Money in the Bank Ladder match was divided by brands, the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder match, and the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match. WWE is now advertising the match as the “WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match” with The Big Show being listed as the first participant.

There are no other indications on whether there will just be one Money in the Bank match, or a if they plan to add a World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match.

  • Rated R

    Cena better not be in the Ladder matches he does not deserve to win that sort of match.
    And can WWE please find somebody other than Cena to face Punk for the title

  • Hunter

    Del Rio is being advertised for it in the UK.

  • chronoxiong

    I’m sick of the WWE callling their belts “Championships.” Calling them Titles sound so much better.

  • xXx

    raw and smackdown mitb and those are just the same.. dafuq?

  • Ryan

    @Scooter of course its not one of vinces belts, if he forgets where it came from he will assume the fans have too

  • scooter

    the world title is turning into the ecw title.

  • Wellsy


    They still would wonder when and where. Just not who.

    The brand separation is basically over. I hope they merge the WHC and WWE Championships at WrestleMania’s main event and bring back focus to being the “top guy”. This is what WWE has lacked for too long. Having two titles dilutes the product.

    WrestleMania opening of the card – World Heavyweight Champion vs Elimination Chamber winner
    WrestleMania middle of the card – WWE Champion vs Royal Rumble winner
    WrestleMania main event – WWE Champion vs World Heaveyweight Champion.

  • Maxwell

    I liked the idea where the winner could go for any title, that way we would wonder when and where the winner would cash in.

  • Notingham

    If they have announced a specific title then they will no doubt do it for the other title to.

  • Whooper

    I don’t like this idea, I liked how spontaneous the briefcase used to be.

  • Bill

    There will probably be two ladder matches for each world title & people from both brands can be in them. Since they’ve basically don away with brand separation, there really is no reason to call them Raw or SD MITB matches.

  • SYM

    OH LORD! This is how Cena wins Punk’s Title.

  • Prince

    If they were only having one match, why would it be billed as the WWE Championship MITB match? It would be cashable for both titles. There will obviously be two.