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WWE Looking for New Movies, Marketing Ideas for The Rock vs. John Cena, More

– In the new Entertainment Weekly issue featuring a piece on a day in the life of Stephanie McMahon, the WWE executive says they are looking to the Twilight movie series to market John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 28. “Think Team Edward vs. Team Jacob,” she said.

It’s also revealed that WWE Studios officials will be attending the Sundance Film Festival later this month to seek new movies to acquire.

The article also mentions that WWE has 16 writers, plus Vince McMahon, and that Stephanie gets together with her father weekly for a one-on-one meeting.

  • bc mitchell

    Exactly.^^^ She meant use the marketing strategy that movie studios use to make subpar movies seem like big time events.

  • blue4everd

    its a marketing strategy guys! dont take it so literal! jeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JIR

    truth be told I was watching Disney’s UP and realized they told a better love story in 10 minutes than Twilight has in all these movies

  • Deva

    They test the wrestlers for drugs, they need to test these writers, they must be taking shrooms and smoking weed at the same time and come up with ideas like this, I’m sure the wwe audience is not mainly made up of teenage girls

  • LSC

    I can’t say this Twilight bullshit is a shock. WWE are prone to this kind of stupidity


  • SusyRko

    Team Bring It Vs Team Cenation , the rock is jacob , cena edward, Ryder bella.

  • austin316

    Are you fing kidding me, twilight?
    Might as well have wwe “superstars” appear on treehouse to promote the shows!

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Yeah that Cape Town Werewolf thing got me aswell. So stupid.

  • Kakarotto

    I refuse to watch WWE programming from this moment onwards. I will stick to watching old attitude era videos and puroresu. Something that I heard on last weeks Smackdown created a doubt in my mind and now this piece confirmed it. Commentators were referring to Justin Gabriel as Cape Town Werewolf or something. Goodbye WWE.

  • TheTruth

    whoa this is a new low……………..

  • xMaskedReptilex

    Team Edward vs Team Jacob?? fucking bullshit

  • Fred

    Does thins mean I’m gonna have to wear glitter? Damn it.

  • John

    WWE looking to Twilight for inspiration. And things are supposidly getting better?