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WWE Named In Lawsuit After Woman Dies In 2008, Promo for WWE’s Doritos Jacked Fan Contest

– WWE is sending several fans to the July 15th RAW from Brooklyn through their Doritos Jacked Fan Correspondent Contest. Details are in the video below:

– reports that WWE has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit from the family of a woman who died after attending the 2008 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view in Indianapolis. That pay-per-view ended with The Undertaker setting the ring on fire after his match with Edge.

The woman, 36 year old Susan Prim, told her family she was having trouble breathing so they left the arena. The woman collapsed, passed out and her son told the paper that her brain damage was so severe, she went from respiratory arrest to cardiac arrest and died. Her death is listed as a severe asthma attack and the lawsuit blames WWE’s pyro after the main event. WWE along with the Conseco Fieldhouse, the Indiana Pacers, the pyro company and 16 other defendants have been named in the lawsuit.

  • CC

    Do these people not realise wrestling shows use pyro? Its not like the Great White incident where pyro was used in a place it should not have been.
    If you suffer from asthma, and go to a wrestling show where you know there is pyro, you are the one taking the risk. You cannot blame WWE for this. One woman dies because she took a risk, but think about how many millions over the years havent died. Its an unlucky incident, nothing more.

  • Sean Kaboni

    dumb people these days. anything to get a buck! how about get a job!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    WTF?! Good luck with that one.