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WWE Names The Top 25 Managers Of All-Time, Addresses Two Notable Omissions has published a list counting down the top 25 managers in WWE history. The list’s criteria is measured by a manager’s ability to get the crowd to react.

Matt Striker says, “A great manager is someone that can incite the emotions of the WWE Universe.” added: “As usual, he was right. When the final bell rings, it’s not about championships or main events — although those things matter — it’s about making the fans react.”

Individual bios are available at

1. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
2. Jimmy Hart
3. Freddie Blassie
4. Captain Lou Albano
5. Sensational Sherri
6. The Grand Wizard
7. Paul Bearer
8. Arnold Skaaland
9. Jim Cornette
10. Mr. Fuji
11. Sunny
12. Paul Heyman
13. Miss Elizabeth
14. Paul Ellering
15. Vickie Guerrero
16. Slick
17. The Million Dollar Man
18. Harvey Wippleman
19. Stephanie McMahon
20. Oliver Humperdink
21. Teddy Long
22. Armando Estrada
23. Michael Hayes
24. Marlena
25. The Genius

The end of the list concludes with the following note: “Bearing in mind that this list was strictly for managers who spent time in WWE (explaining the notable omissions of greats like Gary Hart and J.J. Dillon), did we manage to mess up this Top 25?”

  • Bentley

    Oh c’mon! Lita was an amazing manager!

  • Arlan

    Teddy Long also managed Doom back in the WCW days. Doom was comprised of Butch Reed & Ron Simmons. DAMN!

  • shawn

    i could see her all the ding dong day if i wanted to actually. hey man i dont use caps on people who never made a good impression on me in wrestling, and who have died too.

  • venom

    I know who The Grand Wizard is, but who did he manage?

  • really!!

    go to youtube look it up, if not for Grand Wizard a lot of the managers on that list would not be there

  • Unique

    You children need to have a WWF history lesson if you have no idea who the Grand Wizard is. Probably should have been a little higher.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Armando made it on the list, really? All he did was laugh and break cigars…

  • JC

    I think Slick should be higher on the list than Sunny.

  • Jeff

    The grand wizard? wtf is this shit, some harry potter type manager?

  • cj

    wwe pisses me off with that…only naming ppl that worked there as managers, gary hart deserves to be on that list and jj dillon should be in the top 5 for sure

  • venom

    I’m glad Bobby “The Brain” is 1st. I think Heyman should have been higher. Espeacially after that Brock/Big Show feud.

  • Ryder=Lame

    Where is zack ryder on this list, for once the IWC decided to complain about something other than the golden boy of Superstars

  • really!!

    Skaaland only managed 2 of the longest reigning champions in history Backlund and Sammartino, the Grand Wizard was a great talker big during the 70’s

  • Mordecai

    Yeah Teddy Long was a WWE manager, he at one point managed guys like D’lo Brown, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, etc.

  • Matt

    who the fuck is the grand wizard anyway.

  • ##

    My bad forgot he managed people like Mark Henry, D’Lo Brown, Rodney Mack and Christopher Nowinski. Skaaland did not rile up or make a crowd react like a Jim Cornette or others. The only time he did was when he threw in the towel costing Backlund the WWF title against the Iron Sheik. Skaaland should be placed at #16 or 17.

  • Matt

    they already did that list a couple of months ago…

  • MWDynomite

    @Shawn, you can’t really see her, she’s been dead for 8 years.

  • ##

    I don’t recall Teddy Long being a WWE manager? Arnold Skaaland a top 10 manager is a joke. So what I’m trying to say is yes they did screw this top 25 list up. Hart and Dillon were great.

  • phoenix

    Kinda funny they added Steph to the list….P.Heyman should have been ahead of Sunny and S.Sherri.

  • shawn

    all i was concerned about was Bobby Heenan. glad hes #1. and i do think Sherri was the best out of all the women managers. Elizabeth wasnt great at acting, besides the crying she did for Macho Man. i did and do love to see her whenever could/can.

  • Jeff

    Paul Bearer was LOW. Top 3 for sure


    I think Vicki should be a lil higher on the list really, I never been to a show where she was there, But I heard the boos are so loud you can barely hear her. IMO she is one of the biggest heels in the business today.

  • kenn

    agree with Stevie, i love that tennis racket

  • Stevie P

    Cornette has to be number 2. He was amazing.

  • mark

    I loved the Brain as a manager , was great!!

  • I miss managers like Paul, and the Hart foundation, should get them back!