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WWE Names New VP of Live Events, Edge’s Final WWE Match, Zack Ryder

– Below is episode #9 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show. Ryder talks about Edge’s retirement and finally gets John Cena to make an appearance. Here it is:

– WWE has named Thomas Veit as their new Senior Vice President of Live Events. He will oversee WWE’s live events department including ticket sales, event marketing and booking. Veit worked for Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union and PPL Park before joining WWE.

– Edge’s final match with WWE came after the April 5th SmackDown tapings in Charlotte, North Carolina. Edge, in street clothes, teamed with Christian, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Triple H to defeat the team of Alberto Del Rio and The Corre.

  • Ryder is a fucking genious. All praise Zack Ryder!!

  • Zidano666

    The man is a genius………… Woo Woo Woo you know it 😀

  • ICE

    Ryder is hilarious the rest of the episodes of Z true long island story are funny too

  • JIR

    why isn’t he allowed to be this funny on TV he is a FREAKING LAUGH RIOT

  • Seth

    Yeah, I’m a fan now. Good stuff.

  • Hunter

    Ryder is the man!

  • Simon

    Missing the boat, getting over… lol! Ryder is amusing me more and more.

  • Dave

    I still can’t believe how they’ve missed out on an obvious, but excellent gimmick for Zach Ryder. Give him 3 chops. The crowd gives a huge “Woooooo” after each one. A big hip toss out of the corner. Turn to the camera. “You know it”. I honestly believe a gimmick like that could be the last thing he needs to get over.

  • nobody

    I agree. I don’t really care about or for Ryder, but that part with his dad was great. They really should use him and his humour on TV–perhaps pair him up with Santino.

  • Rucdogg

    HAHAHAHA I dont like Zach Ryder but I gotta admit, this show is funny as hell. “Zach what are you doing? Im trying to get over!”